15 Ways to Make Your Landing Pages More Effective

Landing Page Words

15 ways to make your landing pages more effective

With all the talk we’ve done on landing pages so far this month, we haven’t really discussed what exactly to put on them – especially in regards to the writing of your landing page copy.

Yes, copy.

Landing page words fall into realm of copywriting, which, word for word, is one of the most lucrative types of writing. Since Thursday is Words Day, this post will go through give tips on how to use words in a way that will encourage your readers to take the action you want them to take.


  • Be useful – The headline of your landing page must grab the readers attention. It should offer a useful solution to your reader’s desires and dreads, while at the same time give a sense of urgency.
  • Be specific – Effective headlines focus on one thing and, if numbers are used, it’s best to be specific instead of using estimates or generalizations.

Body Copy

You want to pull the reader in, so telling your story (briefly) will help them identify immediately with you and what helped you solve the same problem/issue/challenge he is facing. There are several ways to do this:

  • Be personal – use the word “You”
  • Be concise – eliminate all unnecessary words and points
  • Be simple – don’t try to impress readers with fancy words
  • Be easy – many people skim instead of reading, especially web readers, so bullet points are more effective than large blocks of text
  • Be intriguing – make your copy interesting, fascinating
  • Be compelling – tell them “why” they need to take whatever action you desire, whether it’s downloading a free offer or buying a product – share how it will change their lives for the better and solve the big issue your headline focused on
  • Be trustworthy – check spelling and grammar – people are often wary of those who don’t pay attention to the small stuff
  • Be unique – cookie cutter copywriting won’t cut it in today’s competitive market
  • Be conversational – let them feel as if the two of you are sitting across the table sipping coffee together
  • Be clear – use specifics – don’t be vague
  • Be valuable – always think of ways to increase the value of your offer, even if it’s a free offer
  • Be urgent – inserting words such as “now” increase conversion rates
  • Be real – use photos of your business rather than stock photos

First of all, of course, you must determine what action you want readers to take when they land on your page. Then, use the above tips to bring them to take that action.




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