18 Ways to Connect via LinkedIn

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Over the coming weeks, we’ll be discussing some of the free ways to market your blog online — blog exchanges, wikis, video-sharing, photo-sharing, podcasting, social networking, social bookmarking, microblogging, and business networking.

LinkedIn is a business networking platform that can help you get noticed in your niche market. What does a business networking platform have to do with blogging? When I read that the second-most connected person on LinkedIn is a high-profile blogger, I decided I’d better investigate what exactly LinkedIn was about and how I can incorporate it into my online media strategy.

Here are 18 ways LinkedIn can help you connect with others and therefore get the word out about you and your blog:

  1. Keep your profile up-to-date. The text you enter is searchable.
  2. Locate former business colleagues.
  3. Locate former classmates.
  4. Connect with people in your niche. They can help you with story leads.
  5. Set up email notifications from your account to learn who has requested to connect or has accepted your connection request. You can filter your notification preferences.
  6. Search for freelancing opportunities.
  7. Use the advanced search to locate experts for interviews and post references. (Read “Writing PIER-fect Posts” to learn more about using references within blog posts.)
  8. Answer questions to position yourself as an authority within your niche. Ask questions to learn more about your niche (or any topic).
  9. Use the “Other” category to add another website to your profile. If you have a sales page, you can use the external link to it or your Amazon.com store, etc.
  10. Use an application to import your blog posts to your LinkedIn profile.
  11. Use an applicatio to link your Twitter status updates to your LinkedIn profile.
  12. Conduct market research through your connections/Q&A to pick up on trends within your niche. This is helpful for marketing and/or developing blog post ideas.
  13. Join industry-related and alumni groups to broaden your connections.
  14. Post presentations to your profile using an application.
  15. Send a newsletter to your contacts.
  16. Build relationships by sending congratulatory notes to your contacts upon their promotions, awards, etc.
  17. Strengthen your personal brand through your connections, groups, profile, answers, etc.
  18. Gain word of mouth publicity through recommendations from others.

There are likely dozens of other ways to use LinkedIn to promote yourself and your blog. Please share the ones you’ve found helpful in the comments area. And if we’re not yet “connected” via LinkedIn, please send me a request to connect:


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[…] LinkedIn is a business networking platform that can help you get noticed in your niche market. Today’s post at On Blogging Well offers 18 ways you can connect via LinkedIn. […]

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