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Notice Something Different?


On Blogging Well has a new element — a forum has been added to help us interact and learn more effectively. The comment area of a blog is good, but forum threads are a better question & answer format. There is a lot of knowledge out there about blogging, so I hope those who are experienced bloggers will share their information with those who are newer.

And those of you who are new — please don’t think you have nothing to contribute! I’ve learned so much by helping newcomers! New bloggers have a fresh perspective — like an inquisitive child — they bring up ideas and concepts I would have never considered had they not asked. So, please — share your questions, comments, thoughts & suggestions! Continue reading →

The Second C

Before you skip over this post thinking, “But I don’t want to sell anything on my blog,” consider this — you already have. Did you tell your friends or family about your blog? Perhaps you swapped links with a fellow blogger or arranged to host a guest poster. Don’t confuse the word “commerce” strictly with money. According to Michael Dell, who developed the “Three C’s” concept, commerce consists of ALL transactions.

Dell said, “Our ultimate goal is to deepen relationships with customers by providing added convenience, efficiency, and cost savings, and a wider array of services.” Continue reading →



If the title of this post has you scratching your head, fear not — I’ll explain. You may have heard of the crazy group of writers who hermitize themselves during the month of November each year and write a novel. Yes, an entire beginning, middle, and end of story — totaling a minimum of 50,000 words. It’s called National Novel Writing Month, affectionately nicknamed “NaNoWriMo.”

Problem is, not everyone wants to be holed up for an entire month while the rest of the world enjoys fall foliage tours, football, and turkey. So, not to be out-done by the novelists, a clever group of bloggers formed another group — NaBloPoMo. Continue reading →

Easy as 1-2-3


In 1999, Michael Dell gave a presentation to the Detroit Economic Club. His message was simple — how to create a successful online business. At a time when few people owned a home computer, some scoffed that such advice was even necessary, but others embraced it. The substance of that talk is the basis for the majority of online corporations today. The good part is that Dell’s concept is as easy as 1-2-3.

There are three steps to online success, that apply to bloggers as well as businesses: Continue reading →

Ready, Aim, Blog!


Cyberspace contains roughly 15 million active blogs, read by about 52 million people. If my gazintas are right, the reader-to-blog ratio is 3.466. Does that mean each blog has a mere 3 and a half readers? Not exactly. Some blogs have thousands of followers. Some have none. The “if you blog it they will read” philosophy is a myth.

Why is that?

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