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The Long Tail Search

Long Tail Search

It’s a common misconception among bloggers that one should focus on ranking for about 10 or so keywords. To increase your chances of ranking higher, a better practice is to optimize your posts for long tail searches as well.

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Road Trip!

Make a Journey

I absolutely LOVE to travel. It’s one of my favorite pasttimes. And my favorite part of traveling is going to places I’ve never been before. So, I figured if I like to travel, my blog would probably like to get out, too. Makes sense. Anyway, we’re planning a road trip — gonna get out and tour some other blogs during the next few weeks to let the world know we’re here.

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102 Headline Formulas

Writing Headlines

Even though nearly every journalistic course taught harps on the importance of headlines, when I worked in the newspaper industry (small town weeklies — lots of fun!), creating headlines was the final touch before putting the paper to bed. Our main goal when creating a headline was: Make it fit so we don’t have to lay out the entire page again. (Ah, memories of the old cut & paste era.)

This frenzy of headline-scrawling often took place just before our deadline to meet our press appointment — 4 a.m. — so you can imagine how great some of our headlines were. Continue reading →

Blog Success: Dancing the Two-Step

Dancing the two-step

A successful blog requires two simple steps: Creating compelling content and generating traffic. Each part of that two-step process can be broken down into individual tactics. If you consistently perform one (or more) of these tactics for both steps of the success formula every day, within 4-6 months, your blog will likely be one of the top blogs in your niche. The key is to follow the formula and follow it consistently.

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Guest Post — Darlene Franklin

Darlene Franklin

As most of you know, our Wednesday is Friends Day features guest bloggers who have used their blogs for various purposes. Today, we welcome award-winning author and speaker Darlene Franklin. Darlene has six books and novellas in print (with six more on the way) as well as numerous nonfiction articles. Check out her blog at www.darlenefranklinwrites.blogspot.com. Continue reading →