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‘Tis the Season to Resolve

When my Uncle Charlie was a little boy, he put a lit firecracker in his ear. His mother later spanked him. “She didn’t have to spank me,” he said. “I wasn’t ever going to do that again!”

In 153 B.C., the Roman Senate chose to align their calendar to coincide with the solar year. January was selected as the beginning of the year  because the god Janus has two faces: one to look backward and another to watch the future, representing a time of reflection and change. Typically, this time of year we look back and reflect upon the good, the bad, and things we’re not ever going to do again.

Let’s share together what we’ve learned in 2009, what we hope to accomplish in 2010, what worked well, and what we’ll never attempt again, even if we didn’t get spanked for trying it.

I’ll go first.

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Don’t Get Bogged Down by Blogging

Today’s guest post was written by Wendy Love. Wendy lives with bipolar depression. She is a retired teacher, self-employed artist, and now a writer. She uses her blog to share some of the things she is learning along her journey. She and her husband live in the countryside near a small town in Ontario (Canada). They have five grown children and three grandchildren. Wendy enjoys a quiet house, a cup of tea, and a good book.

Why do YOU blog?

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Upgrading Your WordPress Blog

One of the best security tactics you can employ on your WordPress blog is to do regular upgrades as each WordPress update is released. Not only does upgrading help thwart hackers, it usually also offers you some cool features that the earlier version didn’t have. For instance, WordPress 2.9 isn’t a major overhaul, yet it now provides the following useful items:

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Using Trackbacks and Pingbacks in Your Blog


When used effectively, trackbacks and pingbacks are excellent tools to invite traffic, develop relationships with other bloggers, and build links to your blog, but many bloggers either don’t understand the difference between these two communication methods or don’t know how to use them. The purpose of this post is to explain what trackbacks and pingbacks are, explain their differences, and lastly, share how you can use them on your blog.

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Posts of the Week: December 20-26