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Reaching Your Keyword Research Goals

Soccer ball kicked into the back of a goal

The ultimate goal of keyword research is to increase traffic to your site. The reason we research to identify keywords and keyword phrases is because search engines match search strings against keywords to determine your site’s relevancy to the user’s search. In order to be a good match, we must pick the right words, include the right amount (keyword density), and put them in the right places on our site.

Your goal in keyword research is to come up with perhaps three strong keyword phrases that a normal reader would type into Google (think: long-tail search) and optimize your blog for those keywords and phrases. Soon, you will OWN those phrases.

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Freebie Friday: February Idea Calendar

Red ribbons and roses

Today’s Freebie Friday gift is the second installment of The Blogger’s Idea Calendar. February will be here in a few days, so here is a free calendar with some events, fun celebrations, and birthdays of famous people to give you some ideas to adapt to your blog’s topic.

Click here to download The Blogger’s Idea Calendar — February 2010.

Brainstorming Your Blog Posts

3D Rendering of Lightbulbs inside a Head

As we continue our “Write for Story,” series, where we’re learning how to incorporate elements of fiction to make our blog posts more memorable, this post will take us behind the scenes, so to speak, and discuss the pre-writing process that takes up much of a novelist’s time — brainstorming.

The world is full of distractions that can prevent us from losing our focus. In order to write clear, concise copy, however, we need to maintain that focus. But often, just like Winnie the Pooh poking his head and urging his brain to “Think, Think, Think,” my poor mind needs help.

Karen Wisner, in her book First Draft in 30 Days, suggests that not only do we need to brainstorm an idea at its conception, but at each stage of the writing process. (If you’re not familiar with this book, the link I’ve inserted in the text goes to Karen’s web site and has a lot of information included in the book.)

Brainstorming is important whether you’re writing a novel, a magazine feature, a devotional, or a blog post. While Karen’s book deals with novel writing, the brainstorming prompts she suggests can be used in all genres of writing. She lists over 25 brainstorming exercises. Here are just a few that I’ve adapted from novel writing to blogging:

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Social Media: What’s Your Game Plan?

Photo of a strategical football play designed in a sketch book.

No coach who hopes to win a game will take his team on the field without first constructing a game plan. Before we step into the social media stadium, we bloggers also need to develop a social media game plan. Remember, a strategy is an overall plan, and tactics are the means used to implement that plan. Before we get into social media tactics, let’s first get our social media game plan going.

There are many things to consider when planning our social media strategy:

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How to Customize Disqus Comments

Rajeev Edmonds

Please welcome guest blogger Rajeev Edmonds of New Delhi, India! Rajeev is a Problogger, and we met via Twitter. He has a great blog called MintBlogger, with lots of tips, so I invited him to share a techie tip with us. Blogging is Rajeev’s passion and he blogs on diverse topics, ranging from blogging tips to social media marketing techniques.

Rajeev started blogging in 2006, and it has become an essential part of his life. His goal is to share the valuable information and experience of blogging that he has gathered to his readers.

Disqus Comments have become quite popular, and I want to thank Rajeev for taking the time to explain how to customize them.

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