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Free SEO Training Videos

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One of the online community’s most respected search engine optimization training sites, SEOBook, offers a series of free SEO training videos that teach about keyword research, on page SEO, sitewide SEO strategies, link-building videos, as well as some videos that introduce Internet Marketing tools and strategies.

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18 Free Online Image Sources

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Selecting intriguing images is part of a blogger’s routine. Today’s Freebie Friday gift provides links to 18 free online image sources to help you find great images for your blog — at no cost! (Note: Be sure to read the license agreement before using any images on your site.)

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15 Tips for Writing Faster

Turtle on wheels with a rocket at his back.

Bloggers know that more articles equals more traffic, but sometimes we get bogged down with blank screens and blinking cursors. This post shares 15 practical tips on how to write posts more quickly. All of these might not work for you — just use the ones that help and leave the rest.

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Are You My Audience?

rendered people with targets instead of headsRemember the classic children’s book by P.D. Eastman where the baby bird left the nest, searching for his mother? The hatchling wandered from dog to boat to car to power shovel asking, “Are you my mother?” This was an ineffective and frightening way to conduct his search. (Don’t worry — the book has a happy ending!)

As bloggers, we need to know who our target audience is, where they are, what they need, and how we can help them, but searching for them in the are-you-my-mother manner can become as ineffective and frightening as the little bird’s adventure.

Today’s Wednesday is Friends Day post will share tips on how to find your audience, create an audience profile, discover their needs, and determine what you can do to help them.

Steps to finding your target audience:

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Understanding Webalizer Statistics

multi-colored growth chart

Most blogs and websites come pre-installed with Webalizer, a web server log file analysis program. Understanding the data provided by Webalizer will help you know more about your site’s visitors and how you can better serve them.

Webalizer.org provides a “Simpleton’s Guide to Web Server Analysis,” but it is lengthy, so in this post we’ll “cut to the chase,” so to speak, and list the specific terms associated with Webalizer and what they mean to us as bloggers. This link provides an example of what the Webalizer stats look like.

To access the Webalizer data on your site, enter your blog’s URL followed by /cpanel. You’ll be required to enter the username and password from your web host, which may or may not be the same as the username and password to your WordPress dashboard.

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