25 Tips for Winning the Blog Marketing Race

winning the blog marketing race

Marketing your blog properly will help you stand out among your competition. Here’s a list of 25 tips for marketing your blog – most of these items only take a few minutes to do, and the vast majority of them are free:

  1. Host your blog on your own domain name, not a free hosting site.
  2. Use a blogging platform that is flexible and easy to rank in search engines. I personally use WordPress, which is also recommended by most professional bloggers, although some have had good success using Moveable Type.
  3. Customize the look and feel of your blog. Even if you use a template instead of investing in a custom design, you can still give your blog a distinct look.
  4. Create a bank of keywords to use and rank for. Doing your keyword research in batches can save you time. As you plan out your posts, go through your keyword bank and choose which one you want to optimize your content for.
  5. Complete on-site optimization for every piece of content. Use title tags, alt image tags, meta description, image title tags, keyword rich category names, etc.
  6. Allow automatic pinging and trackbacks.
  7. Enable email subscriptions and feed tracking through Feedburner (it’s free!).
  8. Create a Google XML sitemap.
  9. Identify blogs that are relevant and useful for your audience and create a resource page with links to those sites.
  10. Create a sitemap page of your pages and post archives.
  11. Set up tracking, such as Google Analytics, and keep up with which keywords are driving organic traffic to your blog. Create more content around those topics.
  12. Submit your blog’s RSS feed to RSS feed directories.
  13. Guest post on related blogs. This will enlarge your audience and generate quality backlinks to your blog.
  14. Create a regular podcast (or video blog) and submit it to podcasting (and/0r video) directories.
  15. Submit your blog to blog directories. Some, such as Yahoo!, are paid directories, but others, like Technorati, are free.
  16. Create and distribute a press release when you launch your blog and/or reach a newsworthy milestone.
  17. Submit your blog to blog reviewers (again, some are free, others are paid).
  18. Post consistently and frequently. Make each post high-quality, relevant content.
  19. Comment regularly on authority blogs within your niche. This will help bring attention to you and your blog and may open the doors for future joint venture projects and/or guest blogging opportunities.
  20. Monitor inbound links to your blog and set up a Google Alert for your blog name so you can keep up with when it is mentioned online.
  21. Respond to all comments, good and bad, and all reviews, good and bad.
  22. Connect with other bloggers in your niche through forums and/or offline conferences. Form relationships with these bloggers so you can partner in either joint ventures, affiliate promotions, or guest posting on each other’s blogs.
  23. Always cite your sources and link back to the site of origin. Blogging platforms such as WordPress display incoming links, so those you link to will become aware of your blog.
  24. Publish links to your blog posts on your social media networks.
  25. Put your blog’s URL on your business cards so you can spread the word about your blog offline as well as online.

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about promoting your blog consistently by performing 5 blog promotion tactics every day.

Challenge: For the next month, consistently do FIVE of the above items EVERY day. Check your blog’s traffic before you begin and then monitor it again at the end of the month and see how much it has increased. Then continue doing at least five promotional tactics per day. Every day.

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