63 Types of Content to Create for Your Blog

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Since we typically share content ideas on Thursday is Words Day, today I’m posting a list of 63 Types of Content to Create for Your Blog

If you’ve ever struggled with the “What, oh, what shall I blog about?” syndrome, this post will get you started with ideas. Over the next several weeks (or possibly months), we’ll take the items on this list (a few per week) and go into detail about how to use them and where to find good examples and, if applicable, how-to create the content. But for today, I’m just sharing the entire list of 63 types of content to create for your blog – add your own content ideas in the comments so we can go through them in detail in future posts, too:

  1. Images
  2. Man on the Street interviews
  3. A “day in the life” of ___
  4. Rants
  5. Story – the story of your business or your life (or someone else’s story)
  6. Industry trends
  7. Glossary of terms
  8. Product unveiling (video or text with images)
  9. Animated GIFs
  10. Competition analysis
  11. eBooks/PDF reports
  12. Comics and/or cartoons
  13. RSS feed compilations
  14. Livestreaming video
  15. Ads
  16. Embedded tweets
  17. Tutorials (illustrated guides and/or videos)
  18. Event info – reporting, take-aways, etc.
  19. Social media updates
  20. Infographics
  21. Interactive content (Think: Tournament brackets, etc.)
  22. Competitions
  23. Memes
  24. Music videos
  25. Polls
  26. About Us pages (if you think these are boring, take a look at Pixar’s about us.
  27. Controversial content
  28. Collaborative content
  29. Trivia/Factoids
  30. Data graphics (different than infographics)
  31. Humor
  32. Podcasts
  33. Quote collections
  34. Scavenger hunts
  35. Video
  36. Portfolios
  37. Regular old b-flat blog posts (they really don’t have to be boring, though)
  38. Slideshow presentations
  39. User-generated content
  40. Reviews
  41. Guest posts
  42. Contests
  43. Mini-courses (series of posts)
  44. Curated content
  45. Success stories
  46. Reviews
  47. Survey data
  48. Mega lists
  49. Webinars
  50. How-to’s
  51. Testimonials
  52. Articles
  53. FAQs or Q&A’s
  54. White papers
  55. Interviews
  56. Facts and Stats
  57. Interviews
  58. News stories
  59. Case studies
  60. Roundups
  61. Multi-media
  62. Cross-platform
  63. Riddles or Quizzes

There you have it – 63 types of content for your blog. Next Thursday, we’ll start marching down the list so you’ll know exactly how to get the best use out of each of these types of blog content.

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