Article Marketing: 21 Tips to Help You Get Started

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Article marketing is the process of writing and submitting articles to article marketing directories. Article marketing can increase traffic to your blog, establish you as a niche authority, create backlinks to your site, and promote products. Plus, it’s free.

Here are 21 tips to help you get started with article marketing:

  1. Choose an article directory to start with. The top one is eZineArticles, but you can do a search to find dozens more.
  2. Create an account. Most article directory sites are free.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the site. Read the submission guidelines, check out the writer interface and read/view any tutorials for new writers.
  4. See what other writers in your niche topic have written about. See how many views they have had to get an idea of what information readers are looking for. What has been overdone in your niche topic? What areas need to be covered?
  5. Check out the “most viewed” and “most published” categories. See how the authors of those articles have used links, keyword phrases, etc. Read their resource boxes, too.
  6. Write a good informational article about your niche topic, about 500 words (no more than 1000). If you’re using article marketing to promote an affiliate product, limit your piece toabout 300 words.
  7. Make sure your article has a compelling headline. (Read “Headines that Make You Go Hmm . . .“)
  8. Make your article easy to read — use short paragraphs and familiar words.
  9. Don’t attempt to sell yourself in your articles. By continuing to provide useful, information-rich articles to readers, you will automatically be “sold.”
  10. Include keywords in your article — especially in the title and the meta description. Bold a few keywords in your article body to emphasize them. Right click and select “View Source” of other articles to see which keywords and phrases the other writers are using.
  11. Use good anchor text in your hyperlinked phrases. Link back to at least two different pages in your blog to build authority and good backlinks. Use different anchor text phrases for each link.
  12. Use 100 words or less for your Resource Box (50 or less for product marketing because the articles are so short). For some article directories, this is the only place you can include a hyperlink, and sometimes you’re limited to the number of links. View the resource boxes of popular article writers to see what they’ve done. Offer readers something such as a free resource that is available on your blog. Make your resource box content “clickworthy.”
  13. Check your spelling and read the piece out loud before you submit your article.
  14. After your article is “live,” check your hyperlinks. (Some directories take up to 7 days to approve your first article.)
  15. Promote your articles using social media.
  16. Create an offsite directory of your articles on sites such as Squidoo or HubPages.
  17. Republish your articles in a free blog platform, such as Blogger,, or other platforms. Don’t worry about duplicate content for article marketing pieces. The search engines know the original site where the piece was published, and if you read Google’s definition of duplicate content, it mostly refers to content duplicated on one domain. This is often misunderstood. But if you want, it’s okay to tweak each article before submitting it to another site.
  18. Cross-link your article marketing pieces to each other, but be sure to always include a link back to your blog, so if you’re limited to the number of links, it’s more important to drive traffic to your site.
  19. Create an article marketing goal. Stick with one site until you’re familiar with it and have submitted several articles before adding a second and third and so-forth submission site to your article marketing plan. When babies are trying new foods, parents are told to wait 2 weeks before introducing a new food. That’s probably a good strategy for article marketing as well. Familiarize yourself with a site for 2 weeks before submitting to the next article marketing site. Then work up to the point where you’re submitting 2-3 articles per week to at least 5 of the top article marketing directories.
  20. After you’ve become familiar with article marketing, you may wish to branch out and try an article submission service that will upload your articles to multiple article marketing directories at once time. There are many available, and some are even free.
  21. Once you’ve written a good amount of articles, gather them together and publish them in an eBook that you can use as a free resource to help develop your email newsletter list.

Have you tried article marketing yet? If so, please share your experience and suggestions with the rest of us. Do you have any specific questions about article marketing? Please use the comments section to continue this discussion.

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