Blog Maintenance Checklist – Part 4

Blog Maintenance Checklist

We’re winding down the blog maintenance checklist. Today’s post will share what to look for when you check your analytics, and next week we’ll wrap it up with a post on blog security.

First of all, if you haven’t yet installed Google Analytics on your site, it’s easy and will be very helpful to you. There’s a free Google Analytics WordPress Plugin. Here’s a short video that explains how to use the pluging and tells about some of its features:

Some things I like to monitor with Google Analytics is where is the traffic coming from? I always have more search traffic than other types, so I tend to focus on my on-site SEO efforts, as that does well for me. My second largest source of traffic is Facebook. I post links to all my blog posts on my Facebook profile and on the Facebook page.

I get traffic from other sources, too, but these are my primary traffic sources, and since (like everyone else), my time is limited, I know that it’s beneficial to keep working on driving traffic using these two sources.

The next thing I check is what are people looking for. Google Analytics not only tells how much traffic your site is getting, but it tells the top keywords that are bringing traffic to your site. Almost all my top traffic-driving keyword phrases deal with social media. That tells me my audience wants to learn more about this topic. So, if I want to continue delivering to my readers, I need to keep writing about social media.

Your bounce rate is another thing to watch for in your analytics. You want to keep it as low as possible. The very best way to do that is to include compelling content that will keep readers engaged on your site longer and prompt them to visit more pages within your site.

If you notice a spike in your traffic, you can investigate to see exactly what you posted on that day and capitalize on that by creating more content related to that topic. Hollywood does this all the time by producing sequel after sequel.

You can also follow traffic trends, and if you post specific categories on specific days, it’s easy to see which categories most interest your readers. For instance, my two biggest traffic days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays – so I know my readers like Techie Tips, and Wednesdays we typically focus on social media.

Our final segment in this series will be a mini-checklist of security things to keep an eye on.

Until then,

Happy Blogging!

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