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A sunset at the Forum Romanum in Rome, Italy.

In ancient Rome, the Forum was the place to connect with others in the community. It served as the center of commerce as well as the political hub. The Forum was where the town gathered.

The modern blogging community isn’t much different. Forums are one of the best places to connect with your target audience. Those who frequent forums tend to be more passionate about their interest in a blog’s topic than those who simply stop by and read a post from time to time.

Here are 10 ways forum participation can help bloggers:

  1. Targeted Traffic — As I just mentioned, those who are active in the forum are actively seeking information about the niche they’re involved with.
  2. Increase Backlinks — Include your blog’s URL in your profile signature to not only let forum members know your blog’s address, but to increase relevant backlinks to your blog. This helps with Search Engine Optimization.
  3. Build Niche Relationships — The more you participate in the forum alongside your niche’s community members, the more they’ll get to know you and the more likely they’ll be to visit your blog.
  4. Research — Forums are some of the best places to find “insider information” about your blog’s topic.
  5. Get Answers — Forum participants are typically very knowledgeable and are generous with their information to those who are respectful and who abide by the forum’s policies and rules.
  6. Promote Goodwill — You can give back to your niche’s community by helping newcomers who come to forums to find information.
  7. Networking — As your relationship with other bloggers in your niche develops, you can find people to contribute as guests on your blog, request (or receive) guest post invites, and even find bloggers to partner with in joint ventures and affiliate marketing.
  8. Display Expertise — Answering questions clearly and concisely will promote your expertise within your blog’s niche.
  9. Strengthen Brand — Participation in niche-related forums will strengthen your professional brand because you’ll be learning, sharing, networking, and connecting with others in your niche’s community.
  10. Cost Effective — You can quickly and easily add a forum to your blog for free by uploading the Simple:Press Forum plugin to your site.

What has your experience with forums as a site owner and/or a participant? Share your comments and questions in the comments area.

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