C Number Three


A couple of my business associates were privileged to attend the Detroit Economic Club meeting where Michael Dell gave his now-famous “Three C’s” presentation. They told me that Dell drew three circles, and the third circle was the largest. That circle represented the third C all businesses need to become successful — Community. That word, at one time, referred to a neighborhood or small town, but today it has become a business buzz word.

“Com,” from classical Latin, means “together with” or “same.” The same root word is used in communication (share with), comfort (strengthen together), combat (fight together), and many more words we use on a daily basis. So, the basic concept is, we’re in this thing together, and we need to share and grow, and learn WITH each other.

In blogging, community refers to those who frequent a blog, including the blogger. Without a community, the blog pretty much serves no purpose. There are many ways to grow a blogging community — through use of the comment area, forums, polls, guest bloggers, shared links, email updates, Facebook pages, Twitter followers, and other means. Since the goal of most bloggers is to grow their community, nowadays often referred to as a blog’s “tribe,” we’ll learn many ways to incorporate these various tools to attract and retain regular readers.

Think of the popular TV show “Cheers” — a place where everybody knows your name. The regular crowd felt comfortable there, shared their hopes & dreams, sicknesses & sorrows. Cheers is a great example of community.

I want you to feel a part of the community here at On Blogging Well. We’re off to a great start — many have posted comments and signed up to receive updates via email. Not only do bloggers hope to grow the number of their community members, we also strive to grow the depth of our relationship with those who regularly read our blogs.

Some of you have emailed me and asked for specific ways to help grow your blog’s community. I’ve down a few things to On Blogging Well to do just that, and you can do the same with your blog. To help us grow together, I’ve added a Forum, a Facebook page, and a Twitter account. Depending upon your experience level, you may or may not be ready to take on a forum (yet!), but you can easily promote your blog using Facebook and Twitter. (And we’ll get to forum development at a later date.)

Please help grow our fledgling community by sharing links to this site, becoming a Twitter follower, joining the Facebook page, participating on the Forum, and encouraging your friends to do so also.

What ways have you, as a blogger or blog reader, noticed or used to attract and retain regulars?

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