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Blog Post Planning for 2014

2014 Calendar

Need some ideas to help you brainstorm your 2014 blog topic ideas? Check out the new post over at DLF Digital Services.

Announcing – DLF Digital Services

DLF Digital Services

Regular readers know I haven’t maintained this site in a while, but I keep all the content posted so visitors can still benefit from it. For those who have emailed me or sent Facebook messages to let me know they’ve missed my blog, I have a special announcement for you – I’ve “moved.”

I have just launched a home-based digital services agency – DLF Digital Services, and I’ll be blogging regularly over there, focusing on how to market your products, your services, and yourself. Head on over and be sure to subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss any posts! (It’s free, of course!) The Feedburner signup form is in the sidebar of the DLF Digital Services blog page. We’re even preparing to launch a podcast, so stay tuned, or rather, stay iTuned!

DLF Digital Services offers a multitude of marketing services, such as websites, social media management, reputation management, search engine optimization, and much more. Visit the website to see a complete list of the services offered.

DLF Digital Services is located in Central Arkansas, so if you’re searching for a quality, affordable Morrilton website design, we can help you out. Of course, being an Internet services company, we don’t limit our clientele to Central Arkansas, but for those who are from that area, we offer a FREE small business marketing consultation.

If you’re not from Central Arkansas (or even if you are) and you’d like to learn more about how to market your business online, register for the FREE Small Business Marketing Guide over at the DLF Digital Services website. I hope to see you there!

Happy Thanksgiving!

happy thanksgiving

Coming Soon to OnBloggingWell.com

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Announcement and Free Gift inside:

First the announcement: I’m preparing to “relaunch” this blog.

It’s been one of “those years,” but the dust is settling and I’m back in blogging mode! I’ve rolled a lot of ideas around in my head about how to restructure this blog or what exactly to do with it. What I’ve decided is, “if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it!” So, I plan to keep the same topics of discussion that I previously used:

  • Marketing Monday
  • Techie Tip Tuesday
  • Wednesday is Friends Day
  • Thursday is Words Day
  • Freebie Friday
  • SEO Saturday
  • and Potluck Sunday

During the coming week, I’ll go through the days and re-introduce the purpose of each topic and get some feedback from y’all about what you’d like to see in each category. I’m also working on a re-design, so hopefully that will be up and running soon, but all the old content will remain intact. I just think it’s time for a facelift and an easier way for readers to find the content they’re most interested in.

Now for the free gift.

If you subscribed to the Well-Fed Blogger Free Video Mini-Course, then you’ve already begun receiving a series of emails titled “101 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog.” If you haven’t, simply fill out the form in the sidebar. You’ll first get a link to access the free mini-course. It has five modules packed with tips on how to get more subscribers, get more traffic, and make more money.

After you get that email link, you’ll get four more emails (one per day) with 101 ways to drive traffic to your site. Just a little gift from me to say “thanks!” for your patience during my down time from this blog. Hopefully I’ll get this thing back on track.

Until next time,

Happy Blogging!

What do you want to learn?


blogging survey

I haven’t been blogging here lately, but I want to dust off this blog and breathe some life back into it! I’m planning a new design and some other cool things, but this blog isn’t supposed to be about what I want to do – it’s real purpose is to help new-to-intermediate bloggers get where they want to be in the blogosphere.

So, I’ve jotted down a few questions, I’d like to hear what YOU want to learn about when it comes to blogging.

Please take a few minutes and fill out the survey – you can be anonymous if you want – I just want to know what your needs are before I proceed with the re-do.

The last question is simply a text box where you can “let it all out” and tell me what you’d like to see here. Use that space to answer those burning questions you may have, such as:

What are your struggles? Questions? Biggest roadblocks? What about blogging SCARES the heebie-jeebies out of you?

What are your goals? Your dreams? Do you know how to use your blog to achieve them?

Go ahead, spill!

Click here to take survey