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Free Download: 2013 Blog Planning Calendar

2013 free blog planning calendar

It’s Freebie Friday, and today’s free download is one of the most exciting gifts we’ve shared at OnBloggingWell.com in a long time. Blogging guru Lynette Chandler recently released her annual blog planning calendar.

It was only a few weeks ago that I posted about how to manage your blogging calendar using the WordPress editorial calendar plugin. You can still use that plugin with Lynette’s calendar, because hers is a printable pdf, so once you plan out what you’re going to blog about, you can use the plugin to get a full overview of your blog schedule. In fact, the two tools compliment each other very well.

Here’s a quick video the plugin developer created that shows the plugin’s features and how easy it is to keep your blog organized using it:

These two tools can work well together and keep your blog organized and running smoothly. You don’t have to wait until the new year starts to begin using these tools, as Zack’s plugin can be uploaded any time and Lynette’s calendar starts this month, so get them both and start planning your blog!

You can get your own free copy without jumping through any hoops. Just click to get your free 2013 blog planning calendar and you’ll go straight to the download page. No opt-in is required, but if you want to receive more great content from Lynette (it’s great, by the way), you can sign up while you’re on that page.

If you have friends who also blog, you’ll want to be sure and share the link to this post with them on Facebook, Twitter, or wherever you hang out together online so they can get their free blog planning tools, too!

Freebie Friday Gift – Search Engine Optimization How-To

Freebie Friday - SEO Basics Report

It’s Freebie Friday, and today I’m going to share with you a report on search engine optimization. This report is actually an adaptation from a presentation I created when I was asked to teach a seminar on SEO to area online newspaper editors.

Download your free copy by clicking here – Search Engine Optimization

Freebie – Four Ways to Build Your List Big

Build Your List Big

Without a doubt, list-building is THE number one way to nurture leads until you convert them into customers. And today’s Freebie Friday gift will help you build your list BIG!

Normally bonus products are given AFTER you make a purchase, but for today’s Freebie Friday, I’m letting you have a bonus report that typically goes with my Build Your List Big course.

This report shares step-by-step instructions on how to use four WordPress plugins that can help you as you build your list – one plugin will vastly increase your list’s opt-in rate, the next will automate interaction with new list members, the third is another automation tool to help you personalize posts and pages within your blog, and the fourth is a free auto-responder plugin you may not have even known existed.

In addition to information about where to get each of these plugins for NO COST, plus step-by-step instructions that include screenshots, this report also has a specialized link that will let you get my normally $97 list-building course for just $15!

Click to download your FREE POWERHOUSE PLUGINS REPORT now!

Free Gift: Making the Most of Social Media

Freebie Friday: Making the Most of Social Media

Freebie Friday has rolled around again, and today’s free gift is a .pdf outline from one of my most popular presentations – “Making the Most of Social Media.” We’ve been talking a lot lately about increasing social media clout and how important your social online social presence is in regards to not only growing your community but in the search engine results pages, too.

Because social media is here to stay and is such a useful tool for bloggers, it’s best to learn as much as possible about it.

In this 19-page mini-eBook, you’ll find a group of helpful lists:

  • The Benefits of Social Media
  • Social Media Etiquette Tips
  • Steps toward Social Media Success
  • Tips & Tactics for using your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube

Download your complimentary copy of Making the Most of Social Media today!

Free Gift – Advanced WordPress Tips

free gift bow

Today’s Freebie Friday gift is a free 25-page report – Advanced WordPress Tips: Taking Your WordPress Blog to the Next Level.

The report contains the following tips:

  • WordPress Line Break – How to deal with the WordPress visual editor stripping out line breaks. How to add a line break to your post.
  • Centering YouTube Video – How to center a YouTube video (and other embedded content).
  • Customize Theme with Firebug – How to do basic customization of your WordPress theme and how to use the Firefox browser and Firebug add-on.
  • WordPress SEO – How to use plugins to optimize your WordPress site for Google (SEO)
  • Increasing Interactivity of Your Blog – How to increase interactivity with your blog readers using WordPress plugins.
  • Feedburner – How to take advantage of Feedburner on your WordPress blog.
  • Exclude Pages from Search – How to exclude pages from your WordPress blog’s search.
  • Custom Menus – A primer on how to use custom menus in WordPress.
  • Custom Login – How to customize and simplify your login page.

Download your free copy of Advanced WordPress Tips.