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Free eBook – The Small Business Marketing Guide

The Small Business Marketing Guide

Today’s Freebie Friday gift is an ebook written by yours truly called “The Small Business Marketing Guide.” I wrote this book because I do a lot of marketing consulting for small business owners and I wanted to provide a good overview of how to market your small business.

Even if you don’t own a brick and mortar business, if you’re an author, speaker, blogger, or any other type of entrepreneur, the information in this free ebook can help you.

Here’s the Table of Contents so you’ll have an idea of what’s inside:

  • Developing a strong web presence
  • Conducting research
  • Create compelling content
  • Guard your online reputation
  • Get social
  • Develop a linking strategy
  • Follow up leads with email marketing
  • Implement other marketing methods, such as mobile
  • Include traditional advertising in your marketing
  • Use professional printed marketing tools
  • Connect with your audience offline
  • The key to successful marketing

Download your free copy of The Small Business Marketing Guide. I hope you find the information in the ebook useful. Use the comments area below to share your thoughts about it.

Free eBook: Marketing with a Blog

Freebie Friday - free ebook

It’s Freebie Friday and today your gift is an ebook I put together last year. It’s actually compiled from slides I used for one of my most popular presentations – Marketing with a Blog. This ebook is basically the outline for that presentation, but I thought you might find it helpful.

There’s no opt-in required, but I do hope you’ll share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or other means to help spread the word about OnBloggingWell.com and to let your friends get a free copy of Marketing with a Blog, too.

Click this link to download your free copy of Marketing with a Blog.

18 Free Online Image Sources

old photo album, opened

Selecting intriguing images is part of a blogger’s routine. Today’s Freebie Friday gift provides links to 18 free online image sources to help you find great images for your blog — at no cost! (Note: Be sure to read the license agreement before using any images on your site.)

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Unleashing the Idea Virus: Free eBook by Seth Godin

cover shot of Seth Godin's book, Idea Virus

Today’s Freebie Friday gift is a link to another eBook by master marketer Seth Godin, Unleashing the Idea Virusthe most-read full-length eBook of all time.

Blog Traffic Made Easy: A Free Report

Rendered hand truck with the gift-box

Today’s Freebie Friday gift is a free report, Blog Traffic Made Easy, written by John Robinson of SiteFever.com. You can download the report directly by clicking the link as John doesn’t require an opt-in for this information.

This guide begins with step-by-step blog setup instructions, then offers advice on finding a blog host, which plugins are useful for bloggers, and lists some services bloggers will find helpful as well.

The third section of this report is on promotion, and John gives a number of ways to drive traffic to your blog. He finishes off his guide by giving tips on writing posts and ways to encourage linking. All in all, it’s a concise work that gives a great overview of all the basic information bloggers need. I hope you find it helpful.

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Happy Blogging!