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Writing Your First Blog Post


You know what they say about first impressions¬† — well, your first blog post is the chance to make a good one. Your blog’s starting post will set the tone of your blog and let readers know what to expect from future posts. Here are a few suggestions: Continue reading →

Selecting Your Blog’s Theme


The most important choice you’ll make after picking your blog’s purpose is choosing a theme. It’s like looking at paint chips for your home — yeah, you can change it if you don’t like it, but that means more work will be involved, so it’s best to choose carefully at the beginning.

Things to consider:

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Adjusting Your Blog’s Settings


Your WordPress blog has several Settings you can adjust. The Settings menu is located at the bottom left sidebar in your Dashboard and contains a list of the areas you can control — General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Privacy, Permalinks, and Miscellaneous. This post will provide an overview of each of those items.

If you don’t understand a particular setting, no biggie. Simply leave it the way the WordPress default has it set. As we progress into more advanced topics and learn more, you can always go back and change your settings. (Note: If you do make changes, be sure to click “Save Changes” at the bottom of each specific Settings section.) Continue reading →

Touring the WordPress Dashboard


When you log into your new WordPress blog, the first place you’ll be taken is the Dashboard. It has a little house icon next to the title because this is the “home” page of your administration area. This post will be an overview of your blog’s items. We’ll discuss each item in depth in a future series.

The left sidebar contains a list of your blog’s elements. Clicking on any of those will produce a drop-down list with several other items. Let’s go through these quickly: Continue reading →

Installing WordPress onto Your Blog


Some of you may have chosen to go with a hosted platform, which is a great way to get started in blogging. Because WordPress is used by the largest percentage of blogger (and because it’s my favorite!), much of the techie talk in this blog will relate to WordPress. But, even if you use another platform, hang in there with us, because we’re about to venture beyond the basics and start discussing promoting our blogs, writing killer content, headlines that hook, and a wide variety of topics about the various aspects of blogging.

Hopefully, you’ve selected a web hosting service that includes cPanel in its features. Most do. There are a lot of features included with your cPanel, and I’ll likely write a post soon with an overview of them, but today, we’re going to get your blog up & running. Are you ready? Continue reading →