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What “Christmas with the Kranks” Can Teach You about Blogging

What Christmas with the Kranks Can Teach You about Blogging“Christmas With the Kranks” is a comedy based on John Grisham’s book Skipping Christmas. The upshot is that Luther and Nora Krank (played by Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis) want to “skip” Christmas because their daughter is spending Christmas overseas in the Peace Corps. The Kranks plan to take all the money they save by skipping Christmas and go on a cruise. It’s a great plan.

So they think. Continue reading →



If the title of this post has you scratching your head, fear not — I’ll explain. You may have heard of the crazy group of writers who hermitize themselves during the month of November each year and write a novel. Yes, an entire beginning, middle, and end of story — totaling a minimum of 50,000 words. It’s called National Novel Writing Month, affectionately nicknamed “NaNoWriMo.”

Problem is, not everyone wants to be holed up for an entire month while the rest of the world enjoys fall foliage tours, football, and turkey. So, not to be out-done by the novelists, a clever group of bloggers formed another group — NaBloPoMo. Continue reading →