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Potluck of Top Posts for Week Ending 10-6-2012

announcing the winners

On Potluck Sunday, I announce the top posts from the previous week. Here are links to some great blog posts I ran across last week (Note: Some of the posts I selected were actually published the week before, but I just found them, so that’s why they’re included):


Potluck Sunday – Top posts from week ending 9-29-12

Potluck Sunday

When I say “top posts,” of course I mean the posts that I found to be the most useful out of those I read during the past week. There is no secret algorithm or ballots to count. Just stuff I ran across on the web I thought looked cool or interesting or helpful.

So, without further ado, and in no certain order, here are this week’s Potluck Sunday winners:

  • Infographics are all the rage right now, plus learning how to do keyword research is still a big mystery to many bloggers, so my first choice for this week’s Potluck Sunday awards goes to Search Engine Land for their infographic on how to do keyword research. One cautionary note, though – this infographic offers some controversial steps in keyword research, such as identifying landing pages before you conduct the search, so be warned – it’s not the “definitive way” to do this process.
  • Email marketing is still one of the best tried-and-true methods for nurturing leads and retaining customers. Plus, Hubspot always creates rockin’ content. Therefore, it’s no wonder they made this week’s list with their post titled, “25 Little Email Marketing Experiments that Deliver BIG Results.”
  • You might need to sit down for this one, but MySpace (yes, you read that right) is under new management and just underwent a re-design that puts all those never-ending changes of Facebook to shame. Kudos to Ad Age Digital for bringing this “new and improved” MySpace announcement to our attention with their piece, “Sexy MySpace Redesign Makes Some Wish They Hadn’t Deleted Their Account Back in 2008.” Now I’m curious if MY MySpace account is still active. I’ll have to check on that!
  • The term “landing page” is one of the most misunderstood terms for newcomers to online marketing. Our friends over at Duct Tape Marketing have put some of the confusion to rest in their September 26 post “How to Create a High Converting Landing Page.” The post comes complete with a breakdown of landing page elements and examples of excellent landing pages.
  • Finally, thanks to Portent.com for sharing a great post on How to Optimize Social Networks for Local SEO. This post also covers the all-important topic of online reputation. There are some tips there I can’t wait to share with some of my clients.

Speaking of redesign, I’m still working in the background on the new design for OnBloggingWell. Hopefully this week’s schedule will permit me to spend more time on that so I can unveil it to you soon. I mean, if MySpace can dust itself off and “relaunch” with a new design, so can On Blogging Well!

It’s great to be back on the block!

Until next time,
Happy Blogging!

Posts of the Week: March 14-20

winning ticket

Here are the top five blog posts about blogging that I read during the last week:

Posts of the Week: February 14-20, 2010

winning bingo card

BINGO– here are my top 5 picks of blog posts on Blogging/Internet marketing/Social Media that I read this week:

Posts of the Week: February 7-13

young boy offering a red rose

First of all, I want to wish all my readers happy Valentine’s Day!

Here are the top five posts I read this week about blogging and/or social media & Internet marketing:

  1. Not trying to toot my own horn, here, but if you didn’t see this post with a link to Andy Jenkins’ free video –  “How to Make Videos that Sell” – then I suggest you take a few minutes to watch it. Andy, known in the Internet media realm as the “Video Boss,” has created a series of four free videos that give lots of tips. The third video (which you can also access from this link) teaches exactly how Google created their now famous Super Bowl ad.
  2. How to Keep Your Blog Posts Alive for Longer than a Day — By Mikkel Juhl on DaneBlogger | Recycling isn’t just for glass and plastics.
  3. The Six Pillars of a Seemingly Successful Blog — via Blogussion | How sturdy are your blog’s pillars?
  4. Twitter is Great, But Take the Conversation Back to Your Blog — via David Risley | How to get more reader interaction on your blog.
  5. 10 Tactics to Make Your Blog Stand Out — via Yaro Starak’s Entrepreneur’s Journey | Always great advice on Yaro’s blog. He’s one of my favorite teachers on blogging.
  6. And, since I included one of my own posts on this list, here’s an extra one, just to make things fair:
    Is Reading Blog Posts Worth Your Time? — via Copyblogger | Are you putting the information you’re learning into action?