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Changing nameservers may sound like a complicated ordeal, but in reality, it is a simple task. When you register your domain, the registrar “parks” your domain for free and, in most cases, automatically posts a placeholder onto your site so if anyone happens by, they’ll know a new site will be coming soon.

After you select a web hosting service, you should receive an email notification with your account information, including the nameservers of your host. A nameserver is simply a name humans can understand that is assigned to the server where your site’s data will be stored. If you did not receive the nameserver information from your hosting service, you’ll need to contact them and request it. You should have at least two nameservers. The URL will begin with the letters NS, and will look something like this: (or .net).

After retrieving the nameserver information from your new host, go to the site where you registered your domain name. (If you’re hosting at the same company you registered the site, they will likely change the nameservers for you automatically and you won’t need to do this step.) Log into your account and look for a tab that says “Domain Manager” or something similar. Click on it. You should be taken to a screen that lists all the domain names you have registered. Select the domain you wish to change from the list. If you’ve only registered one domain, then that should be the only one listed.

The next screen will show several options. Look for Nameservers and click “Manage.” On the next screen, you will see several choices. Click the radio button next to “I host domains with another provider” and enter the nameservers of your hosting service. Click OK or Update. You should see a new screen that says “Your changes have been submitted.” Click OK again.

Nameserver changes are much quicker than they once were, and your site should reflect the change soon — sometimes almost immediately, but at least within a few hours. If after a few hours you check your site and it still shows the Parked Domain place holder, refresh your screen.

The next step in getting your site going is to upload content. That’s where the fun begins!

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