To DoFollow or To NoFollow: That is the Question


One of the ways bloggers are taught to increase traffic to their sites is by leaving insightful comments on other blogs, especially those within their niche. What some don’t know, though, is that WordPress (as well as Blogger and most blog platforms) by default have embedded a “nofollow” tag into the comments area. This means that those who submit comments to your blog for the sole purpose of “link baiting” (a.k.a. spammers) will not receive their reward. It also means none of your regular readers get a backlink for commenting and neither have you. (Note: You can check incoming links to your blog at iWebTool’s Free BackLink Checker.)

This is a shame for those who genuinely wish to interact with blogs they read regularly. It’s neighborly to spread link love. Sadly, like many things in life, good intentions are often foiled by the few who abuse the system. There is a WordPress “dofollow” plugin, but many bloggers who have activated it have been frustrated with the increasing amount of spam it invites. Now there’s a way to reward your real readers and foil would-be spammers.

It’s called Lucia’s Linky Love and you can read more about it and download it at this post: Lucia’s Link Love —  A DoFollow Plugin to Foil Human Comment Spammers. This plugin is free, but because this plugin is not yet included in the WordPress plugin database, you can’t upload it using the automatic plugin installer in your WordPress dashboard. You’ll need to use File Transfer Protocol. You can refer to the tutorial video about FTP that I made a few weeks ago if you aren’t sure how to do this.

I’ve installed Lucia’s Linky Love on On Blogging Well. It was easy to set up the parameters. (Once you install and activate the plugin, it will show in your list of “Settings” links. Simply click on Lucia’s Linky Love to go to the settings screen for the plugin.) I have set the plugin to “dofollow” after 4 approved comments, each of which must be at least one day old (just in case). Also, the Author Name must be less than 15 characters to prevent potential comment spammers from including a mini-ad after their name.

Go out and share the link love!

Until next time,

Happy Blogging!

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