Don’t Abandon Your Outposts!

Abandoned Fort
Back on Thursday we talked about the magic that comes from consistently writing pillar posts. In order to make that magic happen, someone needs to read those pillar posts. The best way to ensure your pillar posts are noticed is by implementing outposts.

Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines “outpost” as an outlying branch or position of a main organization or group.  Another definition is a security detachment dispatched by a main body of troops to protect it from surprise. Outposts were commonplace in the old west, and they are commonplace today – in the blogosphere.

Your blog should have a outposts spread throughout the web.

These communication channels, or streams as some bloggers refer to them,  consist of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), comments you’ve left on forums and other blogs, track backs, articles you’ve sold, guests posts you’ve written for other blogs, videos you’ve posted, directory submissions, and incoming links from blogrolls. Think of these little outposts as “streams in the waters of blogging that trickle traffic to your site.”

And where do streams lead? They lead to rivers. That’s where the real traffic gushes in. Rivers include the front page of Digg, popular page of, links from top blogs to your site, popular newsletter features about your blog, and even print periodicals, such as newspapers and magazines. These can literally bring a flood of traffic to your blog.

So how do we convert the streams into rivers?

The same way nature does it – lots of water droplets over a period of time. Don’t be discouraged – it takes less time than you might think. And during my new newsletter series, we’re going to discuss each of the traffic streams leading to your blog, how to develop them, how to promote them, and how to utilize each one to its potential. If these streams are left unattended, they’ll dry up and be of no use — just like the abandoned fort pictured above. So, if you haven’t yet signed up on the newsletter list, this would be a great time to do that. The signup form is in the right-hand sidebar.

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Happy Blogging!

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