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It’s time for a CONTEST!

First of all, it’s Freebie Friday, and the link to today’s gift is near the end of this post. If you’re already on my newsletter mailing list, then you’ve received this message so you can scroll to the end and get your goodie.

If you’ve read through The Blogger’s Checklist, you may have come up with some questions. It’s basically a quick overview that tells the “What” a blog needs but doesn’t go into too much detail on the “How to do it” part. I’m working on that. VERY SOON I’ll be releasing an eBook (hopefully within the next week) that will give in-depth info about each of the checklist topics AND THEN SOME. This eBook is titled, The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Well. I’d hoped to have it finished by New Year’s Day. It’ll be close — I’m thinking it’ll be ready by the 3rd.

Anyway, this will be an eBook that should reside on the desktop of every blogger’s computer. Seriously. I’ve taken a number of online how-to-blog courses and mashed my learnings together along with my own experience and ideas to create, well, The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Well. The Blogger’s Checklist is just the teaser. This eBook is the real prize, and will retail for $47, but I’m about to tell you how to get a copy for FREE.

Simple: Invite your friends to sign up and receive their own free copy of The Blogger’s Checklist. I’ve revised my email welcome letter to ask new subscribers to let me know who told them about this checklist. My Virtual Assistant & I will keep up with how many referrals each of you sends, and the one who has referred the most people to sign up for their free copy of The Blogger’s Checklist will receive the grand prize of this contest — one FREE copy of The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Well. Times are tough today, so getting something of great value for free is always a plus.

And for those who try but don’t quite get the top prize — Don’t Worry! I’ve got something for you, too — today’s Freebie Friday.

For the first week of the eBook launch, everyone who buys the book will get a $16 discount, bringing the price down to $31. Why $16 off? Because January 1 is my 16th wedding anniversary, so this is an Anniversary Special. BUT, those who participate in the”Invite Your Friends Contest” and get 10 or more referrals who download their own copy of The Blogger’s Checklist will get a coupon code for an ADDITIONAL $10 off. That means even if you don’t win the free copy of my eBook, you can get a copy for just $21. Trust me, The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Well will be worth every penny of the $47, so getting it for $21is an awesome deal.

The “I Tried” Consolation Prize

I understand trying. I once tried to give blood but fainted. My friend got a great T-shirt that said, “I Gave.” I got a cheesy T-shirt with a chicken on it that said, “I Tried.” I did try. I didn’t mean to faint. I know you’ll try to get 10 or more people to sign up to get this free download, but what if you tell everyone of your Facebook friends, all those you mingle with during the holiday party season, Tweet your Twitter-mates about this, and still don’t get 10 people to download the book? Well, your efforts for trying will still be rewarded. And not with some cheesy T-shirt either.

Everyone who gets at least one referral– even just one — will get a FREE copy of The Blogger’s Idea Calendar. Never again will you be without an idea to blog about. You can adapt the suggestions included in this downloadable calendar to any blog topic. I’ll show you how.

That’s it! The contest begins . . . NOW! Start sending emails, Facebook messages, Tweets, use YouTube,whatever it takes! You have one week to start spreading the news. Send your friends to this link: so they can sign up. Or better yet, just forward them this message. This contest will close at midnight central time on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2010. The winner will be announced some time on Wednesday the 13th.

Now for your Freebie Friday gift. To give you an idea of how the free calendar can help you in your blogging efforts, I’ll give you the January portion as today’s Freebie Friday gift:

The Blogger’s Idea Calendar — January

Happy Blogging!

Linda Fulkerson

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