Google’s SEO Starter Guide — Free Download

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Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide was originally written to help teams within the Google company develop good SEO habits. Google later released it as a free download for use by all webmasters.

The guide explains:

  • The difference between paid and organic search
  • How to create unique and accurate page titles
  • How to use the “description” meta tag
  • How to improve your URL structure
  • How to make your site easier to navigate
  • Developing quality content
  • How to write better anchor text
  • How to use heading tags appropriately
  • Optimizing image use
  • Making effective use of robots.txt
  • Information about “nofollow” links
  • Good website promotion practices
  • An introduction to Google’s free webmaster tools

I hope you find this document useful.

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#1 organic search engine optimizaiton on 01.10.11 at 3:55 am

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link building and social bookmarking and keyword is a tool for the seo. Link building and online public relation is mostly used for the site promotion .

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