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It’s “Wednesday is Friends Day,” and if you’re new here, we typically talk about networking online on Wednesdays through either guest blogging (and we even sometimes host guest bloggers), social media, or connecting via offline events. Today we’re going to talk about social clout. Or should I say, Klout?

You may or may not be aware of some of the changes Google has made recently in regards to how web pages are ranked, but one thing search engines are considering more and more is a site’s social media presence. In addition to creating great content and optimizing pages and developing backlinks and all the other things we do to help our pages rank well, it’s now important to boost your web presence through social media to keep that red carpet rolled out for your site.

One way to measure your social media presence is through the website Klout. It’s pretty easy to join and connect to your various social media profiles. Once you do that, Klout gives you a “Klout Score,” which you can share with your friends and compete to increase it. The Klout Score can vary from day to day and even hour to hour. The point is to keep your social media presence active.

Not only will that help your Klout Score (which is probably not extremely important), but it will increase your social media measurement by search engines (very important) and most important of all, keeping active with social media will increase your engagement with your audience.

If you’re new to social media, first go where your audience is. Is your market active on Twitter? Connecting on LinkedIn? How about Google+? Almost everyone is on Facebook these days. And, like I mentioned a couple of days ago, even MySpace is making a comeback.

Find your target market and hang out where they are. Interact with them. Stay active by providing useful content on your blog and pointing your friends and followers to your blog from your social media profiles. Continue to do this and not only will your Klout Score increase, so will traffic to your website.


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