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(Note from Linda: In our continuing series, Wednesday is Friends Day, each week we plan to present a unique blog to give you ideas about how other bloggers are using the “blogosphere.”

Today we welcome Aggie Villanueva of Visual Arts Junction, a partnership blog. I met Aggie through Twitter, and she has become one of my regular readers. I hope you visit her blog. The images there are amazing!)

Writing since the late ’70s, Aggie Villanueva’s first novel, Chase the Wind (Thomas Nelson 1983) was published before she was 30 and her second, Rightfully Mine, was also published by Thomas Nelson (in 1986). Villanueva freelanced throughout the ’80s & ’90s, and wrote three craft columns and three software review columns for national magazines. She was featured on the cover of The Christian Writer Magazine October 1983. After teaching at writer’s conferences throughout the Midwest, she founded/directed the 3-day Mid-America Fellowship of Christian Writers Conference for four years, until 1990. Rightfully Mine has been republished. Aggie runs/writes a successful partnership blog, Visual Arts Junction, and teaches writing/photography courses online. She is now compiling her 2009 interviews for publication.

Our blog marks a group of professional visual artists from many venues banded together to offer a one-stop resource site. Visual Arts Junction concentrates on writing and photography, but also covers artists of all genres. It’s a fun and active site, but most of all we exist to help our readers.

Contributors include Cindy Bauer, Shelagh Watkins, Helen Vanderbeek, (our techie behind the scenes), Kim McDougall and Paola Joffre, plus fabulous guest posts and blog tours. Each of us have at least one other blog but come together to create VAJ.

Interviews with some of the best writers, photographers and artists in the world have become one of our most popular features. Among those speaking to and advising our subscribers are Bill Myers, with over eight millions books, videos and movies sold, Gail Gaymer Martin, with over three millions books sold, and so many more artists to learn from.

More contests, prizes and giveaways are beginning this season, so we hope you bookmark us and join the fun. I’ll be expanding my interviews into teleseminars and podcasts and video this winter. If you have the winter blues you’ll find some fun here to relieve them.

VAJ also offers two courses: The Rewritten Word and Finding Your Niche and Style. There is also a Free Arts Ed page that features the largest photography archives we’ve found on the web, plus a growing section of writing, promotion and other helpful archives, along with the We Recommend pages. One of our favorite pages has always been List Your Site. We had a huge list of readers participating until recently I changed comments software and lost everyone. You are all welcome to come and list your site for our readers again. And don’t forget the Freebies page, which is ever growing.

If you want to have some fun, learn some things, get inspired and meet new writers, please drop on by anytime. Hope to see you there. Have the best day ever!


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#1 Linda Fulkerson on 10.21.09 at 10:46 pm

Thanks, Aggie, for being my guest today at On Blogging Well!

#2 Tina Dee on 10.22.09 at 1:54 am

Aggie, beautiful pics on your site, they look like paintings! Very lovely!

Linda, thanks for such interesting content. Loving the blog, lady! I can’t wait for a few quiet moments so I can dig deep into some of your articles!

#3 Aggie Villanueva on 10.25.09 at 2:25 pm

Thankx Tina Dee. I love hearing from you.

#4 Sandra King on 10.27.09 at 5:49 pm

So Aggie, I’ve been meaning to ask…how heavy is that camera anyway? Do you have to lift weights in order to tote it around? I so love your photos! Amazing.

#5 Aggie Villanueva on 10.27.09 at 10:37 pm

Sandra, you’re right; it’s pretty heavy. So is the 60 lb camera bag. Whew!

But contrary to lifting weights, I have severe arthritis, bursitis and Fibromyalgia, with a strong dose of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and adrenal insufficiency! Wow, what a mouthful. Wouldn’t believe it myself if I didn’t live it.

But photography and roaming my beloved mountains in search of the perfect shoot keep me from shriveling up. And to hear you say you love my photos makes it all even more worthwhile.

Thankx for taking the time to comment.

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