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Today’s Wednesday is Friends Day guest is Max Elliot Anderson, whose unique blog is titled Books for Boys. Max grew up as a struggling, reluctant reader. Using his extensive experience in the production of motion pictures, videos, and television commercials, he brings the same visual excitement and heart-pounding action to his adventure and mystery stories, written especially for tween boys. Both boys and girls have reported that reading one of his books is like being in an exciting movie.

The only thing that makes my blog worth reading is the content. The blog’s focus is in helping struggling, reluctant readers, especially boys.

When I started writing action-adventures & mysteries, a few years ago, it was because I had grown up hating to read.  I began my blog in 2007. At that time, people were constantly discussing, “How can I drive traffic to my blog?” I read numerous articles about some of the “tricks” one could use. I chose to ignore all of that. I figured that if there were enough parents, teachers, librarians, and others who work with boys, they’d be interested in a blog that spoke to the issue of books for boys.

So far, my strategy seems to be working. I promote my blog in articles, comments to other blogs, and promotions that I send to my email lists and on social media sites.

My blog ranks # 1 on Google, when searching under the subject of “books for boys.” In recent months, large, secular publishers have been discovering the blog, and have begun requesting opportunities to announce some of their new releases that relate to boys. The most recent came from Scholastic Books.

In addition to posting information about books, I like to find items that are of interest to boys. For example, last year, we had some pretty incredible, sub-freezing temperatures. I wrote about some of the fun experiments that kids could do with water and the freezing air temperature. One of these was to fill your mouth with warm water, then spray it out the back door. The vapor turns into instant snow. I received several comments back from children and adults after they’d tried it.

My blog is also a helpful place to announce any articles I’ve written, my new book releases, or other Internet sites that might be of interest.

Sometimes my posts might go in more of a personal direction, allowing the reader to gain a better insight into me as an author. One of these was something I called “My Father’s Writing Chair.” In it, I talked about the old, rickety chair I use in my writing room. Most people would have thrown it away long ago, but not me. That’s because it was my father’s chair which he used to write books, magazine article, and film scripts. It’s a tangible connection I have to him as I, too, sit down to write.

Whenever possible, I like to use a picture or some sort of visual with every post. The old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is true, and it helps to draw in the reader.

So, while it’s true that my blog is not the flashiest on the Internet, it doesn’t try to be especially clever, and I don’t use gimmicks to drive traffic to it, still the site has found its place on the Internet, and I believe it’s an effective tool in my arsenal to help build my author’s platform.

— Max Elliot Anderson

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#1 Katie Hines on 11.11.09 at 10:11 am

Are you saying your write your blogs long hand?! Wow! How great is it that your blog is being recognized by publishing houses. Here’s to your continued success.

#2 Shari Lyle-Soffe on 11.11.09 at 10:27 am


Great post and very timely for me. I am building my own website (slowly) and looking for the right way to present myself and my work. I’m convinced you are a genius. ;o)


#3 Teresa Slack on 11.11.09 at 10:32 am

Thanks for the tips, Max. I struggle with this as well. I will try your advice and look forward to hearing more from you. I believe you and I have the same agent, Terry Burns.

#4 Janice Olson on 11.11.09 at 10:34 am

Wonderful calling. Boys are so often overlooked due to the very nature of how they are preceived. Blessings on your blog and books.
Are the books you write Christian in theme or secular? And do you screen the scholastic books and secular books for content that you list on your blog?

#5 Linda Fulkerson on 11.11.09 at 11:17 am

I think it’s awesome that Max has transformed his personal struggle with reading while growing up into a way to reach others who are still reluctant readers. What a great blog concept! Thanks, Max, for sharing your unique blog with On Blogging Well today!

#6 Max Elliot Anderson on 11.11.09 at 3:01 pm

Thank you for the opportunity, Linda.


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