Don’t Get Bogged Down by Blogging

Today’s guest post was written by Wendy Love. Wendy lives with bipolar depression. She is a retired teacher, self-employed artist, and now a writer. She uses her blog to share some of the things she is learning along her journey. She and her husband live in the countryside near a small town in Ontario (Canada). They have five grown children and three grandchildren. Wendy enjoys a quiet house, a cup of tea, and a good book.

Why do YOU blog?

I have several reasons for blogging.

The first one is simply to write. I am a new writer and I need to keep practising. Blogging is the perfect exercise, excuse and motivator.

The second reason is to share my knowledge in one particular area – living with depression. It is wonderful to be able to share the many helpful tips and resources I have acquired.

I think I get way more out of it than I put into it. Writing is therapeutic and so blogging has health benefits for me.

I get to actually help people without being with them. Being with people tires me out but I blog alone. I get to interact with people without tiring.

A bonus for me is that I get to share my faith, a little bit. Oh, I don’t say “love Jesus, and your problems will be over!” But I can truthfully say that my faith in God gives me the strength to face the challenges and the comfort I need in the midst of dark times.

Sharing my journey with depression brings meaning to the struggle. By others benefiting from that experience, it somehow makes it seem like it is not a waste.

What about YOU? Why do YOU blog? What are YOU getting out of it?

Have you noticed so far that it is all about ME? That is the whole point of this article. Once I decided to start blogging, I couldn’t resist doing some research about it. The internet is full of information on blogging. I attempted to try several of the ideas I found on creating a better blog. I got some great tips.

The usual suggestions were made. Get registered on search engines. Visit similar blogs and leave comments. You probably know what I mean. As I read other blogs, it seemed to me that many of those bloggers must all be reading the same articles that I was, because a lot of them were doing the same things. It is like a melting pot of bloggers, blogging on how to blog out there!

I don’t want to melt in the pot. In spite all of the great advice, I have to be myself.

In a medium as personal as blogging, isn’t that why people are coming to me or to YOU? For some reason they are inclined to connect with YOU— with YOU! They are not connecting with some machine that can make their blog like anyone else’s. They are connecting with YOU, with YOUR information, with the way YOU present that information.

Learning about yourself — who YOU are and what YOU have to share — is just as important as learning everything you can about blogging. If you can figure out YOU, then YOU will be of more use to OTHERS.

Don’t get bogged down by blogging. Get some good foundational advice, and then . . . BE YOURSELF!

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#1 Deborah on 12.30.09 at 8:51 am

Great advice!
I’ve read all those blogs too, but in the end, I have to blog my own way, and do what works for me, and not worry about what someone else is doing. It’s a bit of a process, trying different things until you find a method that doesn’t ‘bog you down.’

#2 Nancie on 12.31.09 at 1:16 am

Great article! I am also a Christian who suffers from bipolar depression and blogging is therapeutic for me. I too have found that my faith in God gives me the strength to face the challenges and the comfort I need in the midst of dark times. And through blogging I have gotten to know so many wonderful women, including Wendy Love, who are all More Than Conquerors in their various experiences. Thanks for sharing this article!

#3 Debra Butterfield on 12.31.09 at 8:32 am

I just joined the blogosphere in Nov. so I am still figuring out what is going to work for me. I can easily get bogged down just trying to figure out what to discuss in each post. The advice I get from this blog has been awesome!

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