How to Conduct a Social Media Audit – Part 2

Conducting a social media audit

Part One of our How to Conduct a Social Media Audit covered the topics of setting up a website, blog, and getting started with email marketing. Now that we’ve established our marketing home base, we’ll move on to the actual social media platforms themselves, starting with Twitter.

Winning with Twitter

As you conduct your social media audit, take a look at your Twitter setup and check the following things:

  • Is your background branded consistently with your website theme (colors, logo, etc.)?
  • Is your bio worded the same as your bios on other social media platforms?
  • Are you tweeting a mixture of relevant content? In other words, some links to your blog posts, some retweets, some links to other content of interest to your audience?
  • Are you engaging your audience? Tips:
    • Use Twitter’s search function to find conversations relevant to your market and join in the conversation by providing useful information.
    • Respond to all @replies and thank those who have retweeted your content.
    • Offer perks available only to your followers.
    • Use relevant hashtags or even create a hashtag for your brand. For instance, I have begun using the hashtag #OBW, for OnBloggingWell.
  • Are you building your list of followers?
    • Follow back all those who directly engage with you by retweeting your content, etc.
    • Use the search tool to find people in your market and follow them.
    • It’s not recommended to use auto-following tools, so if you’re doing that, you may want to stop and clean up your list of people you’ve followed by narrowing it to only those who are relevant to your market.
  • Are you creating lists and thanking those who include your tweets on their lists?
  • Are you using a social media management tool, such as HootSuite, to schedule your tweets and keep you organized?
  • Are you coordinating your tweets with your content marketing calendar so that your blog posts, Facebook and LinkedIn updates, and tweets are all following the same topic?
  • Are your tweets conversational?
  • Do you sometimes offer insight into who you are personally?
  • Do you share “re-tweetable” content, such as relevant and/or inspirational quotes?
  • Are you asking people to retweet your posts and leaving enough characters for them to do so?

What else do we need to add to this list of things to check Twitter-wise when conducting a social media audit?

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