How to Make Your Blog Cell-Phone Friendly

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Many mobile phones don’t display web content in an easy-to-access format, yet many users of the web only have Internet access through their phones. As people are beginning to bundle technology services and phones are becoming smarter, that number will only grow. Today’s techie tip will show you how you can create a mobile phone friendly link to your blog’s feed that you can add to your site’s navigation menu. This format will also load very quickly on most mobile phones, and this hack takes only minutes to complete.

The secret is to use Google Reader to create a link. Then, somewhere near the top of your site, add the link using a phrase such as “Mobile Site” or something that will clue cell phone users to know this link is for them. I added an external link in my main navigation menu titled, “Mobile Friendly Format. ”

To create the link, simply add your site’s feed address to this link (minus the brackets):[]

The link, which will display something like this, eliminates all the fluff from the site, providing mobile web users with “Just the Facts”:

On Blogging Well
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If so, is anyone really listening? What I’m getting at is …
2 Posts of the Week: January 3-9

I’m adding a new element to the Potluck Sunday posts — I’m …
3 Is Your Blog Easy on the Eyes?

The whole point of Search Engine Optimization is to aid …
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Here is a live example of On Blogging Well’s mobile friendly feed link:

That’s it! You’re done! And you’ve just helped thousands of potential readers access your blog in a much easier way.

Happy Blogging!

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#1 Douglas Naegele on 01.13.10 at 7:42 am

There’s no doubt more people are reading blogs on their phones: in line at the DMV, at airports, even on the couch (instead of firing up the laptop). If only more newspapers were mobile friendly!

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