How to Manage Cookies on Your Computer

How to Manage Cookies on Your Computer

How to manage cookies on your computer isn’t exactly a blogging “how to,” but it is an issue I’ve been asked before, so I decided Techie Tip Tuesday would be a good time to discuss this topic.

Before we get to the “how to” part, I want to share with you a quick video from Google that tells what cookies are, what they do, and how they do it. One of Google’s engineers does a great job of simplifying the explanation of browser cookies in a manner even I can understand.

While the video says you can manage cookies on your computer, it doesn’t really give any information about how to do that. It’s not very hard, and you can either delete all the cookies on your computer or select just the ones you want to delete and get rid of them.

If you’re using Firefox, go to the Preferences link under the “Firefox” tab in the top navigation bar. Next, select “Privacy,” and then choose “Use Custom Settings for History.” You can then manage the cookies stored on your computer. Click “Show Cookies” to view a list of sites that have cookies on your computer. Delete all of them or only the ones you want. Click to read more about managing your cookies using the Firefox browser.

Internet Explorer users can read this article on how to disable or manage cookies using Internet Explorer.

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