How to Set Up Your First Squidoo Lens

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Squidoo is a unique social networking community that is really more of a co-op. Think of it as a “farmers’ market, only instead of produce, the “lenses” contain information and products. Your first visit to Squidoo may be overwhelming, but marketing guru Seth Godin and friends have provided some good information to help newcomers get acquainted and get started. Tomorrow we’ll answer the “what is Squidoo and what are the benefits of joining this community” questions, but because today is Techie Tip Tuesday, we’re going to get right into the “How do I set up my first Squidoo lens?”

Here’s the process:

  • First, create an account and fill in your profile as completely as possible. There are several sections which may not seem important at first, but to get your lens noticed and rated, it’s best to have a complete profile. You’ll want to include your PayPal email (so you can be paid for either your products or your “cut” of the ads displayed on your lens) and connect your lens to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to help you promote it.
  • After setting up your profile, browse through other lenses in your niche. There is a good category list on Squidoo’s home page. See what others have done with their lenses and decide what will be the focus of your lens. It’s best to select only one or two niche-topics or products to promote through each lens so it won’t be cluttered or confusing and will be easier to market. If you’re having trouble deciding how narrow or broad to focus your lens, you may want to re-read “Is Your Blog Smarter than a Fifth-grader?” or “Reaching Your Keyword Research Goals.” (Those two posts discuss how to narrow your niche.)
  • Follow the step-by-step setup instructions provided by Squidoo. This page shows screenshots and gives explanations of each step. Here is a link to a YouTube video that also shows the lens setup process: How to Set Up a Squidoo Lens.
  • Preview your lens and check your spelling and grammar. Check all your hyperlinks.
  • Publish your lens. Ta-da! You’re done!
  • The next thing you may want to do is join some groups within the Squidoo community and get acquainted with others who share your interests.

Squidoo has a lot of information about the community and lens creation tips. Here is a link to Calamari: The Official Squidoo How-to.

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#1 Shaun McLaughlin on 02.10.10 at 7:15 am

I created two Squidoo lens in the last month. Traffic is at zero and the lens topics don’t show up in a Google search.

In contrast, articles I’ve done on Suite101 get reasonable traffic and appear on the first or second page of Google results.

I’ve seen/read lots of upbeat info about Squidoo but is it just hype?

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