How to Use a URL Shortener Effectively

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I’ve mentioned before that I use the free URL shortening service. (Read how I use it in my free report, “Taming the TwitterBeast in 20 minutes a Day.” There are many other URL shortening services available. In fact, a new one,, also posts your link to StumbleUpon, which is a great feature.

Because some may not understand the benefits of using a URL shortener, today’s techie tip shares a screencast that explains some of the benefits of using a URL shortener along with tips on how to use the analytics data. I didn’t personally create this screencast, but I use every day and thought some of you may find this information useful.

Here’s the link:

The Online Marketing Blog provided a list last year of the 11 Best URL Shortening Services that includes a comparison chart. Note that this post is over a year old now and there are many new services available and some of those mentioned have since added features, but this information can help you understand what features are important to look for when choosing a URL shortener to use.

Do you have a favorite URL shortener? Please tell us which one you prefer and why.

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#2 Kirt Cathey on 05.28.12 at 2:21 pm

I think that getting the shortest possible link is most important, and second is to have a quick link integration somewhere in the browser for quick re-posting and micro blogging. Size does matter …

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