Intro to Niche Marketing

Niche MarketingThere are several ways to make money online:

  • Ecommerce — marketers sell products and/or services directly to others, is one of the most popular Internet Marketing models.
  • Affiliate Marketing — marketers drive traffic to the product site of another and get a commission from the sales generated.
  • Lead Generation — marketers collect large lists of email addresses and either sell the lists or market to them.
  • Niche Marketing — is a concept where marketers target a specific “group within a group” to sell products and services that solve the problems unique to this market.

Successful Internet marketers shy away from scams and promoting useless products. The best way to do well in any online venture is to research the needs of your chosen market and direct those people toward products and/or services that will help them. This is the process we’ll be covering during the next several posts at On Blogging Well.

Because Internet users are becoming better at searching online for what they want, it is important to become more specific when marketing products and services. The key to success is to find groups of people who either (1) have a problem that needs solved, or (2) have a desire they wish to attain, AND that they are willing to spend money to either alleviate their pain or attain their desire.

The good thing about Niche Marketing is that it is a very low overhead business model — one that can be started with almost no cash outlay. Once the skill set needed to build the business are developed, the process can largely become automated.

Some people are concerned that the Internet Marketing community is over-saturated and therefore it is impossible to become successful. That is a misconception for two big reasons:

  • The Internet is growing at a phenomenal rate.
  • The vast majority of people who are attempting to make money online have no idea how to truly go about it.

That leaves a wide-open opportunity for those who are willing to take the time to learn the proper skills, structure, and sequence of Internet Marketing.

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