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Our Wednesday is Friends Day series features bloggers who use their blogs for a unique purpose. Please welcome today’s guest, Suzanne Hartmann, author of the pre-published book, The Race that Lies Before Us. She recently signed with an agent and hopes to find a publishing home for her book soon. Online, she blogs about the craft of writing at Write at Home, and she loves to network with others through Facebook and Twitter (@suzinil).

I didn’t initially intend to do anything unique with my blog, but one thing led to another and I am now the proud owner of three blogs, which I have linked together to look and perform like a website.

Use a blog for a website —

It all started when a friend sent me a link to a site that explained how to tweak a blog to make it look more like a website than a blog ( I liked the idea of having a free website, so I jumped right into taking all of the “bloggish” features out of my relatively inactive blog (archives, labels, the date of posts, and the ability to comment on posts, etc).

Set up a traditional blog —

After I took away everything “bloggish,” I realized that if I wanted a true blog, I’d have to set up a separate one, which I did. To make it look like a part of my “website,” I chose the same template as before. I also kept certain features in the right-hand sidebar, such as a link to my critique service, my profile, and other information about me.

Use a blog for updates —

Once my regular blog had been up and running for a while, I found a niche for myself and geared the majority of my posts towards this audience. I realized, however, that those who only want to follow the progress of my novel, The Race that Lies Before Us, didn’t want to slog through all the articles to find the few posts with the information they were interested in. So I started a third blog and dedicated it to my book. Once again, I chose the same template and kept certain features in the sidebar to make it seem like part of the same “website.”

Divide and conquer —

While there is some crossover, I try to make each blog as much distinct as possible to distinguish the purpose of each:

My “website” is information oriented. This is where I keep information I want my viewers to be able to find at all times, such as information about my books, links to articles of interest to authors, and articles from my regular blog that I group together on link lists so my viewers can find them easier.

My traditional blog is where people can connect with me and find my newest articles. I want the information here to be new and fresh, so people will come back often, therefore I update it regularly.

My updates is the third blog, where I post information about the status of my book. I only post here when something new comes up.

Easy navigation —

To make it easy to navigate between the three blogs, I added links to each blog in the upper corners. I invite you to take a look at my “website,” Suspense with a Twist (, to browse through my blogs and see how they work together to create a cohesive “website.”

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#1 Suzanne on 11.04.09 at 1:01 pm

Thank you so much for hosting me today, Linda. I hope this information is helpful to your readers.

#2 Tina Dee on 11.05.09 at 8:27 am

Suzanne, loving your blog and website! Great job.

Thanks for sharing and touring us on your blog. Love the blurbs on your books too. Great stories, can’t wait to pluck them off the store bookshelf.


#3 Cliff on 11.15.11 at 6:11 pm

What a great website, both of you deserve a round of applause.

You have both given me exactly what I have been looking for “linking blogs together” and more.

Suzanne, I am going to dig in to your material. I am promoting a very new science, neuroplasticity and Brain Reprogramming and I’ve put a couple of blogs together ( and and I want them to work together better, so thank you for your ideas.

Tina, this was the first place I landed after my Google search so thank you for the information.

If either of you would like a free reprint of my recent paper “Discovery, Innovation, and Learning in
the Mining Business – New Ways Forward for an Old Industry”, whichs describes the application of Brain Reprogramming in industrial settings (I told you this stuff’s new) let me know.

My best to you both,


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