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With all the how-to tips, breaking news, political opinions, and celebrity gossip in the blogosphere, it’s easy to forget that blogging is a form of social media. Yep. It’s in the same category as FaceBook, Twitter, and MySpace. In fact, I would personally say that blogging is actually more of a social media than the social networks. Why? Because blogging is the best platform available for building online relationships.

Successful bloggers are social creatures. They interact with their readers as well as with fellow bloggers. Today is “Friends Day,” and we typically share either a guest post or introduce you to a blogger who uses his or her blog in a unique way. Today I want to share with you a blogger who not only has developed a niche community but has created a fun way for fellow bloggers to make new friends.

Her name is Mel, and she runs a blog called Stirrup Queens, which is dedicated to those challenged with infertility. Mel has put together a categorized directory of resources, written an ebook, and brought this community together to support and educate each other along their journey.

The other thing Mel has done is create International Comment Leaving Week. Each month she posts a new list of bloggers who commit to leaving at least 5 comments per day (plus responding to at least one comment on their own blogs) for an entire week. The “Iron Commentor” awards go to those who post a comment on every blog on that month’s list during the week. (Note: This is NOT for the faint of heart — I attempted it once and failed miserably.) But the 5 & 1 plan is easily do-able.

I’ve enjoyed getting acquainted with new bloggers through IComLeavWe, and some of the new names and faces here at On Blogging Well are a direct result of this program.

The next IComLeavWe is December 21-28. There are a few simple rules, which you can find by visiting the current month’s International Comment Leaving Week announcement. For those who wish to launch out beyond your typical blog ring and meet some new friends, this is a great opportunity. You have a few days to read Mel’s posts about IComLeavWe and decide whether or not you want to give it a go.

Until next time,

Happy Blogging!

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