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It’s Marketing Monday and today I’m sharing with you an infographic of a handy social media checklist. We’ve been talking a LOT about the importance of social media in growing your online presence, so this tool will be a great help as you develop a social content marketing strategy. It’s like having your whole social media strategy rolled into one handy spot.

The “Sensible Social Media Checklist” infographic was developed by The Whole Brain Group, and, as the title states, it’s a sensible way to use social media to promote your business.

If social media takes us all day, then what’s the point, really?

As you’ll notice in the infographic, all the most popular social media sites are included. Plus, the first item on the checklist is to create a blog post. As I’ve mentioned over and over again, your blog should be the hub of your marketing strategy.

So, let’s recap the social media checklist:

  • Start your marketing plan by publishing a blog post (using whichever keyword you’ve chosen to target) and after you publish it, post the link on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Use a link shortener to track your clicks.
  • Facebook business marketing plan: Find and like 5 related pages, post about 2 topics of interest to your audience. You can either share content from all those pages you’ve been finding and liking or post original stuff. Mix it up. Don’t forget to update your business page’s status daily, and ask others to like and share your content.
  • Twitter business marketing plan: Tweet at least three new tweets per day about interesting and fun things your audience will be interested in. This is in addition to the links to your blog you already posted. Also, retweet at least two items you find that will be useful to your readers. Use hashtags to let others find your tweets. To grow your following, follow 10 new people each week.
  • LinkedIn business marketing plan: Connect with 3-5 new people each week. Follow three new companies related to your industry. Update your company’s profile and status, and post relevant blog posts in the groups you belong to. Then ask your groups for feedback. And while you’re asking, it never hurts to ask for endorsements. Ask 1-2 people each week for an endorsement. Don’t forget your manners and thank those who recommend you.
  • Google+ business marketing plan: Add five new people to your circles each week. Offer a monthly hangout session on a topic relevant to your market and promote it via Google+ events. Share new content twice each day to your personal profile and company page. Oh, and make sure your posts are set to “public” so you can grow your audience.
  • Pinterest business marketing plan: Pin images of your company’s products and/or services. Add a new board with at least 6 new pins each week. Be sure to use your target keywords in the descriptions and titles of your content. (Note: You don’t have to create all the content yourself on these pins – repin related content from your fellow pinners.) Follow 5 interesting boards each week from pinners related to your business.
  • YouTube business marketing plan: Subscribe to three industry-related channels each week. Find three industry-related videos each week and share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. See if you can mix in some fun (but still relevant) videos to share. Create and post videos regularly (at least monthly, more often if possible) that showcase your expertise in your field. When you’re hosting or attending industry events, shoot short videos (including interviews of other attendees or presenters) to share on your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to optimize your YouTube videos with keywords in the titles and give a keyword-rich description.

Click on the image to view it full-sized over at the Whole Brain Group’s site. And while you’re there, you can download a printable version of the social media checklist infographic. Thanks, Whole Brain Group, for sharing this cool and useful tool with the rest of us!

WBG Sensible SocialMediaChecklist v2.0 Sensible Social Media Checklist for Business v.2.0 [INFOGRAPHIC]
Courtesy of: The Whole Brain Group


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