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On Blogging Well has a new element — a forum has been added to help us interact and learn more effectively. The comment area of a blog is good, but forum threads are a better question & answer format. There is a lot of knowledge out there about blogging, so I hope those who are experienced bloggers will share their information with those who are newer.

And those of you who are new — please don’t think you have nothing to contribute! I’ve learned so much by helping newcomers! New bloggers have a fresh perspective — like an inquisitive child — they bring up ideas and concepts I would have never considered had they not asked. So, please — share your questions, comments, thoughts & suggestions!

Be courteous of other posters. (In other words, play nice!) This forum will be checked periodically, but it won’t be moderated 24/7, at least not for now. We are all big kids here, so let’s help each other make this a great place to learn and share. No profanity or vulgarity or links to inappropriate content will be tolerated. Those who post such will be banned from the board. Period.

So, let’s get started, shall we? I’ve begun one topic in the General Forum — Introductions. Before you can participate in the forums, you’ll need to register. Then, please take a minute to introduce yourself and tell us about your blog or blog-to-be. Share what you hope to learn from On Blogging Well, too. This will help me plan future posts or schedule guest posters.

I hope you enjoy the forum area and that it becomes an invaluable tool to you.

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