Potluck Sunday – Top Posts for the Week Ending 11-3-12

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Autumn is full of changes. This week we changed months and early this morning we changed time. And, as always, online marketing, social media and blogging have made some changes.

Today’s Potluck Sunday lists some of the “champion” posts that I ran across during the past week:

  • Changes to Google+ Hangouts – Amit Fulay of Google+ shares how some recent changes make Google+ Hangouts nicer to look at, easier to use.
  • The Importance of Adding Alt Tags and Title Tags to Your Images – Another change we’ve been discussing how on-page SEO will be vital and that off-site tactics will wane in the wake of compelling content. Instantshift shares this post that explains in-depth about the importance of tagging your images and how to do it.
  • A Visual Tour of Windows 8 – I’m a Mac person, but I’ve heard some of the buzz about another recent change in the world of Windows – the release of Windows 8. ARS Technica walks us through a visual tour of the latest platform.
  • The Pinterst-ization of the e-commerce experience – Speaking of change, Pinterest has changed the look and feel of “traditional” social media platforms, and GigaOM shares how Pinterest is changing e-commerce, too.
  • 6 Simple Tips for Distributing an Infographic – Infographics are not “new,” per se, but recent emphasis in visual content (with much thanks to Pinterest, I’m sure) has created a rise in the popularity of Infographics. Search Engine People shares this article on how to make the most of your Infographic launch.
  • What do people really do when they get a marketing email? – (Here’s another change. I typically only highlight 5 posts of the week, but I’m adding a sixth today.) Mark Brownlow from Smart Insights explains how clicks are only part of the email marketing process.

What great posts have you run across (or written) this week? Share with us in the comments section.

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