Selling with Stories

Selling with story

On the recent list of 63 types of blog content, “tell a story” was near the top. Storytelling is vital in marketing, and it should be a regular component in your blog posting. Why sell with stories?

I’ve talked about what bloggers can learn from storytellers before on this blog, but it’s been a while, so, since storytelling is such a powerful tool, we’re revisiting that topic again.

  • Stories help people identify and connect. You want your audience to identify with you so they’ll like you and begin to trust you. When you share that you had the same pain or problem they’re currently facing and how you found the perfect solution, they will become a captive audience.
  • Stories keep people’s attention. Today’s society is rampant with ADD. Maybe not the clinical kind, but at the very least, we’re all so busy and in such a hurry that we’re perpetually distracted. When you launch a blog post with a story, you immediately grasp your reader’s attention. And keep it.
  • Stories are memorable. I’m not great with memory, so I’ve become a compulsive note-taker. My desk is literally covered with sticky notes. I blame information overload (it’s certainly not AGE!). And today’s market struggles with information overload. Facts and statistics are important in marketing and blogging, but use a story to gain your audience’s attention. Our brains process information received through storytelling differently than they do with a bunch of numbers and charts. Tell a memorable story, and then support what you’ve said with the facts.

Before we continue further down the types of content list (we won’t be discussing all 63 in detail, by the way), we’re going to pause on the topic of storytelling and blogging for a while. In the coming weeks on Thursday is Words Day, we’ll talk about what types of stories to share, what information should be included in our stories, and look at some businesses that have effectively used storytelling in their blogging strategy.

Have you read any great stories on a blog lately? If so, please share the link in the comments section.

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