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I want to thank those who have sent me emails saying they missed this blog. For those of you who are new here, welcome! I took a few months off due to some family health issues, but all is well now, and I hope to blog here again with some regularity.

I’ve also been contemplating the future of this blog. Its purpose was to teach those who were new or perhaps intermediate bloggers how to blog better. I feel like we’ve exhausted most of the “how to get started” topics and it’s time to move past that. For those who still want to learn the fundamentals of blogging, please browse through the archives as there is a LOT of information there. And, as always, feel free to ask questions in the comments section if you’re unsure of a technique or process.

So, what’s next at On Blogging Well?

I think instead of sticking to the regimented daily topics (Marketing Monday, etc.), we’ll start doing a few blog series.Which topic will be covered first? Well, due to an onslaught of medical bills and college loans that recently struck our family, making money through niche blogging has become a topic I’ve explored in depth lately. This is not the Kumbaya, build-a-relationship-with-your-readers style blog that I typically encourage, however, niche blogging is a faster way to turn a profit, if that’s your goal.

When we cover that topic thoroughly, we’ll move on to another. I’ll probably only post three days per week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday) instead of seven. Hopefully this will work well. I value your feedback and look forward to blogging in this space again!

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