Naming the 5 starters to your social media marketing team

social media marketing slam dunk

With all the social media platforms available, it’s hard to pick which one(s) to start with. Just as each position on a basketball team has a specific function, so does each social media platform. Each one has it’s own special ability, and if you combine them carefully, you’ll set your business up for a social media marketing slam dunk!

Post Player – In basketball, the post is often the highest scorer on the team. They have to be mobile, strong, tall, and consistent. They hang out in the paint and the other players feed the ball to the post, who scores point after point throughout the game. In social media marketing, your blog plays the post position.

Your blog should be the center (another name for the post position in basketball) of your marketing strategy. Other players feed leads to your blog, and your blog catches those leads and pushes up to the goal and closes with a score (sale or other desired action).

Point Guard – Point guards are feisty players, always on the move, keeping a constant eye on the entire court. They drive most of the “traffic” to the post, but can score as well. In today’s market, Facebook plays the point guard position. It is fast to change as its owners deem necessary, and for most marketers, feeds the most traffic to the business blog.

(Note: If your business blog is set up correctly, organic search traffic will exceed Facebook traffic, but we’re talking about your social media players in this post.)

Wing Players – These players (often referred to as small forward and power forward) are talented and fun to watch. You never know when they’ll pop in a 3-pointer, but they also often feed the ball to the post. When choosing your social media starters, placing YouTube in the power forward position and Twitter as your small forward is a good idea. They are strong, fast, and versatile, and can help advance your marketing.

Shooting Guard – Choosing which platform to start in the fifth position largely depends upon the makeup of your team (business). Some choose Pinterest, others LinkedIn, and some marketers pick another platform altogether, such as MySpace or some other platform. Picking your fifth starter is an important decision, and the best way to know which social media platform to pick is to know your market and know the capabilities of each platform.

During the next few weeks, we’ll have a Wednesday is Friends Day on social media marketing with the emphasis of what each individual platform can do for your marketing strategy. On Marketing Monday, we’ll start a series called “marketing with a blog.”

We’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each platform, how each one can contribute to your team of marketing players, and specific “plays” (tactics) you, as the coach, can call to combine the talents of your team.

Over the next several weeks, Wednesdays’ posts will share the social media players of your team and on Mondays we’ll discuss how to score with your blog. By the end of this series, you’ll be ready to slam dunk your opponents with your talented social media marketing team.

Until next time,

Happy Blogging!


Guest Post: Angie Breidenbach


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