Free Gift: Making the Most of Social Media

Freebie Friday: Making the Most of Social Media

Freebie Friday has rolled around again, and today’s free gift is a .pdf outline from one of my most popular presentations – “Making the Most of Social Media.” We’ve been talking a lot lately about increasing social media clout and how important your social online social presence is in regards to not only growing your community but in the search engine results pages, too.

Because social media is here to stay and is such a useful tool for bloggers, it’s best to learn as much as possible about it.

In this 19-page mini-eBook, you’ll find a group of helpful lists:

  • The Benefits of Social Media
  • Social Media Etiquette Tips
  • Steps toward Social Media Success
  • Tips & Tactics for using your blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, and YouTube

Download your complimentary copy of Making the Most of Social Media today!

Free Gift – Advanced WordPress Tips

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Today’s Freebie Friday gift is a free 25-page report – Advanced WordPress Tips: Taking Your WordPress Blog to the Next Level.

The report contains the following tips:

  • WordPress Line Break – How to deal with the WordPress visual editor stripping out line breaks. How to add a line break to your post.
  • Centering YouTube Video – How to center a YouTube video (and other embedded content).
  • Customize Theme with Firebug – How to do basic customization of your WordPress theme and how to use the Firefox browser and Firebug add-on.
  • WordPress SEO – How to use plugins to optimize your WordPress site for Google (SEO)
  • Increasing Interactivity of Your Blog – How to increase interactivity with your blog readers using WordPress plugins.
  • Feedburner – How to take advantage of Feedburner on your WordPress blog.
  • Exclude Pages from Search – How to exclude pages from your WordPress blog’s search.
  • Custom Menus – A primer on how to use custom menus in WordPress.
  • Custom Login – How to customize and simplify your login page.

Download your free copy of Advanced WordPress Tips.


But Wait — There’s More!

But Wait There's More

You may have already noticed the addition of a podcast to the weekly menu of “meals” we serve here at On Blogging Well. I’ve just launched another dimension to this blog. If you’ve been reading On Blogging Well for a while, you’ve already learned a lot, and I hope to continue providing as much information as possible to help you along your blogging journey.

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