Reading Your Reader’s Mind


Your target audience may not even know your blog exists. Many bloggers stuff their posts with “key words” thinking this will help steer that audience toward their blog. Most blog readers, however, neither know nor care about key words. They care about whatever specific issue or problem led them to type a phrase into Google’s big search box. In other words, they aren’t looking for “key words” — they’re looking Continue reading →

Search Engine Optimization — an Introduction

SEO Robot

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps increase traffic to a site by increasing the site’s “rankings” in search engines. A site’s rank is where it displays in the search results (especially on Google) when a potential reader conducts a topic search. The goal of most site owners is to have their site appear on the first page, preferably near or at the top.

Why is this important? Continue reading →