C Number Three


A couple of my business associates were privileged to attend the Detroit Economic Club meeting where Michael Dell gave his now-famous “Three C’s” presentation. They told me that Dell drew three circles, and the third circle was the largest. That circle represented the third C all businesses need to become successful — Community. That word, at one time, referred to a neighborhood or small town, but today it has become a business buzz word.

“Com,” from classical Latin, means “together with” or “same.” The same root word is used in communication (share with), comfort (strengthen together), combat (fight together), and many more words we use on a daily basis. So, the basic concept is, we’re in this thing together, and we need to share and grow, and learn WITH each other. Continue reading →

The Second C

Before you skip over this post thinking, “But I don’t want to sell anything on my blog,” consider this — you already have. Did you tell your friends or family about your blog? Perhaps you swapped links with a fellow blogger or arranged to host a guest poster. Don’t confuse the word “commerce” strictly with money. According to Michael Dell, who developed the “Three C’s” concept, commerce consists of ALL transactions.

Dell said, “Our ultimate goal is to deepen relationships with customers by providing added convenience, efficiency, and cost savings, and a wider array of services.” Continue reading →

Easy as 1-2-3


In 1999, Michael Dell gave a presentation to the Detroit Economic Club. His message was simple — how to create a successful online business. At a time when few people owned a home computer, some scoffed that such advice was even necessary, but others embraced it. The substance of that talk is the basis for the majority of online corporations today. The good part is that Dell’s concept is as easy as 1-2-3.

There are three steps to online success, that apply to bloggers as well as businesses: Continue reading →