Posts of the Week: Nov. 30 – Dec. 5


The best posts for bloggers that I read during the week of November 30 – December 5, 2009, are:

Social Bookmarking: The Who, What, When, Where, Why & How


A reader recently posed a question about the importance of Digg, etc., in the comments, and I told her I’d write an article about Social Bookmarking. I’m glad she asked, because I learned a lot while researching this post.

If you’re old enough to remember the movie, Mr. Mom, think back to the scene where Jack (played by Michael Keaton) is attempting to carpool the kids — lots of horn honking, fist waving, and moms & kids alike yelling, “You’re doing it wrong!” When it comes to Social Bookmarking — I’ve been doing it wrong.

Hopefully this post will help us all learn how to do it right!

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The Wagon Wheel Approach to Online Marketing


While visiting a 19th-century craft exhibit, the clamor from the blacksmith shed drew my attention. I watched in amazement as a burly man skillfully placed six segments of a circle into a waiting hub. He then swiftly removed a red-hot rim from the forge and placed it around the spokes. In an instant, the entire device was submerged into a nearby tub of water. It produced a sizzling cloud of steam. After the blacksmith retrieved the newly formed wheel, he arranged it on a mock axle, spun it to check for flaws, and, finding none, stacked it with the others awaiting their coats of paint.

Our online marketing campaigns are constructed in a similar manner. Think of the hub as your main personal website. The spokes leading toward it are the various information streams or outposts — Facebook, Twitter, your blog, business cards you pass out — everything you do each day to promote your online product, which, as we have learned, is YOU. That’s why your personal site is the hub. It is the Internet personification of who you are — your message, your purpose. Continue reading →

Embracing the Personal Branding Iron


Those of you who have known me for a while may be smirking that I’m blogging about branding. My friends are asking (using the distinctive voice of  Beverly Hills Cop’s Chief Hubbard):

  • Is this the writer who pitched ideas from four genres on a single one sheet?
  • Is this the writer who argued the point of branding with a best-selling author during a mentoring session?
  • Is this the writer who rolls her eyes whenever a branding question is discussed during a conference’s proverbial editor/agent panel?
  • Is this the writer who has more categories on her personal blog than she has posts? Continue reading →