Blog CPR: How to Revive a Dead Blog


According to a June 2009 survey conducted by Technorati, only 7.4 million of the 133 blogs on the web had been updated within three months. That’s not even 6 percent! If your blog falls within the 94.5 percent of those blogs gasping for breath, should you even attempt to resuscitate it?

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Writing PIER-fect Posts

Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park - photo by Linda Fulkerson

Several years ago, I attended a CLASSSeminar training with Florence and Marita Littauer. They taught us an easy-to-remember outline for presentations that can be adapted to blogging as well as speaking — the P-I-E-R method. The word PIER is a tool to remind the presenter of the four major elements each aritcle, presentation, or speech should contain: Continue reading →

Ready, Aim, Blog!


Cyberspace contains roughly 15 million active blogs, read by about 52 million people. If my gazintas are right, the reader-to-blog ratio is 3.466. Does that mean each blog has a mere 3 and a half readers? Not exactly. Some blogs have thousands of followers. Some have none. The “if you blog it they will read” philosophy is a myth.

Why is that?

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