Weighing Anchor Text

Rusty anchor

Today we move to part two of our series “Six Quick & Easy SEO Tactics Anyone Can Do.”

If you’ve ever seen Star Wars, you probably remember all the smaller ships flying to and from the Mother Ship. That ship was “anchored,” tasking the smaller vessels with carrying passengers and information around whatever quadrant of the galaxy the scene was set in.

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Six Quick & Easy SEO Tactics Anyone Can Do — Part I


Search Engine Optimization continues to be an enigma to many bloggers. There is probably no end to the tweaks and tricks one can implement to rank higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), but some of those tactics require a full-blooded Geek to perform. The point of today’s post is to share the first of six tips the average blogger can take without spending half your salary on an SEO expert or most of your vacation days to set up.

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Blog CPR: How to Revive a Dead Blog


According to a June 2009 survey conducted by Technorati, only 7.4 million of the 133 blogs on the web had been updated within three months. That’s not even 6 percent! If your blog falls within the 94.5 percent of those blogs gasping for breath, should you even attempt to resuscitate it?

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The Long Tail Search

Long Tail Search

It’s a common misconception among bloggers that one should focus on ranking for about 10 or so keywords. To increase your chances of ranking higher, a better practice is to optimize your posts for long tail searches as well.

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Search Engine Optimization — an Introduction

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps increase traffic to a site by increasing the site’s “rankings” in search engines. A site’s rank is where it displays in the search results (especially on Google) when a potential reader conducts a topic search. The goal of most site owners is to have their site appear on the first page, preferably near or at the top.

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