Free SEO Training Videos

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One of the online community’s most respected search engine optimization training sites, SEOBook, offers a series of free SEO training videos that teach about keyword research, on page SEO, sitewide SEO strategies, link-building videos, as well as some videos that introduce Internet Marketing tools and strategies.

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Search Funnel: A Free Online Tool

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Search engine users type in keywords in sequences until they find the results they want. Knowing what they type in immediately following your primary keyword or phrase can help you determine other keywords and phrases to optimize for. A search funnel does just that.

Microsoft adCenter Labs provides a free online search funnel tool that you can use to determine end-user search strings sequences. For instance, if you type “BMW” into the search funnel, you’ll learn that “Mercedes” was the highest percentage follow-up search. Lexus and Audi were the next two queries in the BMW search string.

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Scribe: A New Tool of the SEO Trade

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Scribe is a new plugin from Brian Clark of Copyblogger that takes the guesswork out of writing search engine optimized blog posts, or any other form of online writing, for that matter. With Scribe, bloggers can instantly tell whether or not their posts have maximized optimization for search engines yet maintained readability for humans. I’ve been using this plugin for several weeks now and have seen an increase in organic traffic. Plus, it’s very easy to use.

SEO Copywriting Made Simple

Scribe differs from typical SEO tools. Instead of asking you for a keyword phrase and then guiding you to construct content around it, the Scribe plugin will:

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SEO Practices: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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Search engine optimization practices can be categorized in three ways: SEO practices to include, SEO practices to avoid, and SEO practices that can get your site banned from search engine indexes. Today’s post sorts 39 common SEO practices into the three categories so you’ll know which ones to put into effect and which ones to pass on.

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Reaching Your Keyword Research Goals

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The ultimate goal of keyword research is to increase traffic to your site. The reason we research to identify keywords and keyword phrases is because search engines match search strings against keywords to determine your site’s relevancy to the user’s search. In order to be a good match, we must pick the right words, include the right amount (keyword density), and put them in the right places on our site.

Your goal in keyword research is to come up with perhaps three strong keyword phrases that a normal reader would type into Google (think: long-tail search) and optimize your blog for those keywords and phrases. Soon, you will OWN those phrases.

There are five things to consider when selecting keywords and phrases: Continue reading →