Keyword Research: Thinking Like a Detective

This is part two of the series: Getting Started with Keyword Research.

There’s a lot of talk about conducting keyword research, but what is the purpose of keyword research, anyway? There are three primary reasons for conducting keyword research: more website traffic, better sales, higher search engine results page positioning. So, whether you’re an Internet Marketer hoping to peddle a product or a blogger who wants to spread her message across the globe, learning how to conduct effective keyword research is essential to the success of your blog.

Whether you’re developing your list of keywords to increase organic search results or to conduct an ad campaign, thinking like a detective will help you in the process. The first four questions a keyword research detective should ask are:

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Are Your Blog’s Images “Blank”?

blank photo

One of the most overlooked aspects of Search Engine Optimization is the image. Yet is is very easy to optimize your images through the effective use of “alt tags.” An Alt Tag is actually an HTML image attribute and is short for Alternative Description Text.

What are Alt Tags and why are they important?

Alt Tags are also known as Alt Text. Both terms are widely used, and the purpose of this attribute is three-fold:

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Is Your Blog Easy on the Eyes?

The whole point of Search Engine Optimization is to aid potential readers in finding the information you’re providing that will help answer their questions. One way to bolster your rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) is to gain links from other bloggers and websites. If your site is hard to read, navigate, or look at, you won’t be getting any link love.

Today’s post is a throw-back to my years spent as a newspaper copywriter, and covers some presentation and formatting basics that will hopefully help each of us maintain an easy-to-understand, easy-on-the-eyes blog.

Give you blog a quick once over by checking the following:

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Getting Started with Keyword Research

Today we’re starting a new SEO Saturday series on conducting keyword research. The goal of this series is not to train about monetizing your blog using keywords, as that will be covered in depth in The Ultimate Guide to Blogging Well. On this blog, we’ll focus on how using the proper keywords can boost your blog’s rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and therefore increase organic traffic to your blog.

Even though Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns are more competitive than in years past, which makes many beginners balk at the idea, keywords are still a vital part of developing your blog. Those words and phrases are, after all, the actual search strings potential readers use when looking for information on the Internet.

You may have heard about the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Some keyword researchers make the mistake of using only the basic functions of that site. This series will teach you not only how to maximize your usage of this amazing free tool, but how to partner your Google Adwords research with top consumer sites that many keyword researchers overlook. We’ll start with

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Tag — You’re It!


This is Part 6 of the series, “Six Quick & Easy SEO Tactics Anyone Can Do.”

If you’ve done much research about how to blog, you’ve heard about tags. There are Title Tags, H1 Tags, Meta Tags, NoFollow Tags, Alt Tags — basically, there are enough tags floating around your site to make it look like a retiree’s suitcase.

Are tags important?

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